Your ADHD is Just in Your Head: It is a Fake Disorder

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November 25, 2013
November 29, 2013
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adhdI have always believed that ADHD was a disease that was made up.

Now if you had asked me if that was what I thought back when I was using, I would have sworn up and down that it wasn’t because it justified me, maybe one day, getting a prescription for crack (in a pill form of course). Yes, Adderall, Ritalin and all other medications for the supposed mental disorder, we know today as ADHD or ADD, is prescription crack.

In recovery I learned that a lot of the symptoms of my depression, anxiety, and even attention deficits were due to my alcoholism and addiction. And while I know that for children it isn’t because of alcoholism they are exhibiting signs of ADHD it is still an over diagnosed and made up disease. If you really want to look at most vibrant and energetic children, they tend to have the symptoms of an attention deficit disorder. Didn’t we all?

And of course this made up mental disorder known as ADHD not only is about money but is about getting money off of prescribing powdered crack, not to adults for the most part, but to children.

My opinions on ADHD and the medication used to supposedly “treat” it were justified when the article about an autism pioneer and psychiatrist, said from his death bed that ADHD is essentially a “fictitious disease.” BAM! Finally!! Thank you!

ADHD is a made up mental disorder to scrounge dollars out of the parents and individuals who think that they just can’t focus. Are you kidding me? And this not only has made the drug industry millions, probably billions of dollars, it has messed a lot of people up.

Let me Tell You a Story

A Story of A Girl-On Adderall For 20 Years

When I was in my first treatment center I met a woman who was in therapy with me. She was 28, intelligent, beautiful, and the daughter of a doctor. She was in college trying to go for masters degree. She had been prescribed Adderall for nearly 20 years. Since she was 8. Can you guess why she was in rehab with me? Because she was not only addicted to it but had ended up drinking copious amounts of wine at night to sleep after she had been awake all day on Adderall. I listened to her struggle. She had no idea who she was without Adderall.

She had spent all her life on a mood and mind altering medication. While many of us who are addicts spend a lot of time messed up, we have at least, a clear idea of what we are and who are without it. We had some experiences that were fogged up by a drugged out haze.

Not only did this girl have that to deal with that though, but she also had a lot of trust issues to work through. Why? Because her doctor had been prescribing her this medication for 20 years. And her doctor had been dead wrong about what was good for her. She now doubted people we all so easily trust to know what is right and healthy for us. She was overwhelmed and unsure.

She had essentially spent her life on medication. She had grown up on medication. She had her first kiss, her first date, driven for the first time, graduated high school, went to college, lost her virginity, all on medication prescribed by someone she not only trusted, but also someone her parents trusted; her doctor. She had all these life moments on medication with the acceptance that she needed it, because she had ADD, only to find herself with a heavy amphetamine addiction in rehab. Awesome.

And what did this cost the drug companies? What did this mean to them about the consequences of prescribing ADHD medication to children? Nothing. In fact they benefited from it.

Closing Thoughts.

And so with that I am so very glad to say that finally, finally someone has said that a disorder, that is most commonly diagnosed in children, isn’t real. Putting children on amphetamines, speed, crack, whatever is, is not the answer to an “attention problem.” I mean amphetamines will make anyone focus, regardless of attention problems. God.

So if you have children with supposed ADHD or you yourself have ADHD, I ask you to take a look at yourself and your kids. Isn’t there another way without Adderall to help with attention issues?

If you or someone you know is suffering from an amphetamine addiction please don’t hesitate to call us. We can help.