Wanna Get High? Smoke Bed Bugs

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April 7, 2014
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April 10, 2014
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smoking bed bugsKids in Arizona have now found a new way to get high. All you have to do is crush up some bed bugs and then smoke them. The following effect is hallucinations. 

Bed bugs apparently secrete an active chemical that produces a feeling one person said resembles “walking around on concrete.” Fun. And how did they find this out? Well, some kid with bed bugs in his house must have found them and began researching them, online of course, and found out they contain a hallucinogenic chemical, so he tried it. Being a resident of Arizona, which is known for being pretty loopy as is, he didn’t have much to lose on the sanity front. And I mean it is all natural, I think?


Luckily everyone, this story is very fake. We saw it though and actually were ready to believe it. I mean jenkum anyone? The video that was going around of people smoking bed bugs, had the bed bugs added to it. The actual story in the video is of kids smoking wax, which is a concentrated marijuana extract that is much more potent than the plant itself, pretty sure its BHO. But anyways. There ya have it! The craziest story of the week!

Here is the video which had bed bugs added: