The Trill Pill or Foolio D: What is in This Beverage May Surprise You

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April 1, 2014
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April 3, 2014
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foolioOn April 1st, 2010, a 17 year old kid by the name of Daniel Preston walked to his chemistry class at Samuel Johnson’s School for Boys in London. And unfortunately, he wouldn’t make it the rest of the day. At around noon, Daniel turned pale, started foaming at the mouth, and then collapsed. Three minutes later he was dead. 

What killed Daniel or “Splotchy Dick,” as his loving friends called him? Well, lets go back a minute. Before school Daniel and his friends had hid behind the dumpsters drinking or rather chugging huge amounts of a beverage that kids these days call “Foolio D,” “Foolio,” “Fuckin Desperate,” “Trill Pill,” and “Cormac McCarthy,” among many other names. Everyone who makes “the trill pill,” has their own concoction and the bottle that Daniel was drinking was made of lager, vodka, whiskey, ecstasy, opium, horse blood, fennel, string cheese, and a 1997 WWE action figure. (Gotta wonder how they got the action figure in there?)

Seven other boys had drunk the concoction with him but only Daniel wound up dead. It is believed that he suffered a combo of an allergic reaction to the horse blood and a heart attack triggered by the narcotics. And while he may have been the only boy do to die in this scenario he is not the only person to die from this kind of April Fools tradition. 

Traditionally the holiday is chance to play jokes on friends but in recent years, teens in the UK, Ireland, and Australia especially have turned an innocent and fun-loving day, for the most part, into another chance to drink themselves straight into oblivion and quite possibly even death. 

So how did the Foolio D trend start?

Well, it started like any other drinking trend you have participated in or know about. This one originated in Scotland, where a group of university students adopted a tradition in the ’90s called the “Wet Foolio.” They would take shots of liquor and eat asparagus until one of them passed out and the “winners” or the individuals who didn’t pass out would then piss on the unlucky young person who couldn’t hold their liquor. Eventually this turned into them making their own mixed drinks for the occasion. And over time, the beverages got more and more disgusting and vile. While it grew more gross, it all began to spread to other countries such as England, Ireland, and Australia. With the internet booming as well, people could begin sharing tips and getting recipes for different types of “trill pills” on sites like Facebook or Reddit. 

And as for today? Well today, many students will get smashed on a mixture that contains industrial solvents and roam the streets of London, Sydney or Dublin looking for other teens to copulate and/or fight with. And now it’s here as well. Sometime between 2008 and 2011, Foolio crossed the pond straight over to our own United States. And here it has begun mixing with other kinds of traditions and pastimes such as Satanism, coffee smoking, and the Knockout Game. One Foolio party was documented in a video made by rapper “Earl Sweatshirt,” a disturbing, graphic and cautionary tale that ends with dead children piled up on a bed. And sadly enough, people looked at that for ideas.