The Benefits of Holding an Addiction Intervention

The Importance of Performing an Intervention Now
September 13, 2013
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September 19, 2013
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Addiction Interventions and You

There are many benefits to performing an addiction intervention.  Often times loved ones have lost hope in their family members that are currently addicted to drugs and spotlight-intervention-help-134alcohol, they no longer know how to communicate with them or help them.  One benefit of family members holding an addiction intervention is that they will be able to speak with their addicted loved one in a safe environment with an interventionist present to mediate their conversations. 

Interventionists are trained addiction professionals.  It is highly advised to not perform an intervention without an interventionist present.  Interventionists will help plan the addiction intervention and know the best ways to connect families; they teach loved one how to effectively communicate with one another during an addiction intervention.  Saul Kane, CNDAI, Addiction Intervention Specialist for Addiction Intervention Now says that he has been working in the field for over a decade and it is highly advised to always have an interventionist present.  “Families do not always know how to effectively communicate with one another.  We allow a buffer so that family members can express their feelings, come up with a solution and hopefully a plan for help that suits everyone.”

Holding an addiction intervention may be the only hope for a loved one to get help.  Often time’s people are so blind to what they are doing; how their actions are not only tearing their lives apart as well as those around them.  During the addiction intervention, hearing the pain they are causing their loved one can make everything real.  Addiction interventions are also beneficial for boundaries to be set, because family members usually have a hard time setting boundaries with their loved ones and continuing to enable them by giving them money or a roof over their head.  During the addiction intervention family members are encouraged to state what they will and will not continue to do for their loved one as well as what they will do if the loved one decides to seek help for their problem.   


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