Residential Treatment Placement

People suffering from severe addictions to drugs or alcohol may struggle to overcome their dependency while living in their home environment, even if they have support of an outpatient program. There are just far too many temptations that an individual can face when remaining in an environment that is already toxic to them. People, places, and events that remind them of their drug or alcohol use may tempt them to begin using again.This is why most addicts and alcoholics do better or at least choose to residential treatment instead of outpatient treatment. Residential treatment placement offers the security, safety, and accountability that can keep an addict or alcoholic from using and can also remove temptations for them. Of course residential treatment placement isn’t foolproof but it can be more effective for those whose drug use and drinking are severe. Residential treatment placement is offers a very safe space.

Residential treatment typically offers the following features to addicts in recovery:

  • Accommodations to allow addicts to live onsite at a facility during the course of their treatment
  • 24/7 medical support to ensure safety during drug or alcohol detox
  • Individual or group counseling sessions
  • Medical and psychiatric support
  • Activities and amenities designed to encourage addiction healing

Finding a suitable residential treatment center can be a challenge. We can help you connect with the appropriate setting and program based on your addiction history, and previous attempts at treatment. Simply being in a healthy environment will help you recover without temptation or relapse.