Hope Testimonials: Recovery Is Possible

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Hope Testimonials: Recovery Is Possible

Recovery Is Possible

I never knew that recovery from drug and alcohol addiction was even possible for me. I had no concept of what living a life in recovery would look like. When I started attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, the friendly faces in the rooms would repeat the mantra “recovery is possible.” I would remain quiet, nod my head, and think “sure, recovery is possible for you, not me.” You see, I thought I was different — unique in some way that set me apart from the rest of the sober world. I figured there was something about me that was inherently different from you, something that would prevent me from ever achieving long-term sobriety. I now recognize that this kind of comparison is dangerous and even fatal. As long as I continued setting myself apart from the rest, I allowed my disease to take hold of me and bring me further into the depths of despair.

The truth is: I am no different from you. I am an addict and an alcoholic who is capable of recovering just as you are. And now I know from first-hand experience, that recovery is indeed possible. People can — and do — recover from addiction and mental illness. To me, the phrase “recovery is possible” holds much meaning. It empowers me on a daily basis to maintain my recovery and improve my health and well-being. Once I stopped comparing myself to others, I began to believe in this phrase, to trust in its truth and meaning. It empowered me in the early days when I was unsure of whether or not I could abstain from drinking just one day at a time.

Recovery is a lifelong journey of healing and transformation. It does not occur overnight, nor should it. Sometimes the thought of a lifelong recovery would overwhelm me; luckily, I only have to focus on today. It may be a cliche, but “one day at a time” worked for me and continues to do so. If you are struggling with addiction, try to not set yourself apart from the rest. Remember that recovery is possible for everyone.

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