Ranking Drugs From Bad to Worse: The Top 10 DOCs

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April 14, 2014
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weird drugsThe reasons people use drugs vary. But it usually has something to do with the “feel good” feeling they produce. Whether it is to help with depression, or to have a good time, drugs, for the most part are terrible for you. Whether they come from the earth or are made in a lab, some are bad, some are worse. So check out the list of narcotics from bad to worse, from coffee to meth, to weed and molly; this is it!

smoking coffee10. Caffeine

Why it’s good: It wakes you up! Mondays? No problem! It smells good, it tastes good for the most part, it goes well with donuts, bacon, eggs, and is a beacon of hope for the not so early bird. 

Side Effects: Caffeine can help you focus, it can increase productivity, it decreases fatigue, it improves your performance, it increases gastronomic reflexes, and it also increases the production of stomach acid and urine. Oh, it is also addictive. 

Result: Tick, tick, tick. It really isn’t BAD for you really especially if you use it in moderation. But for some it can become a problem if used on the regular. 

marijuana9. Pot

Why it’s good: It makes you feel good and it makes you think people are interested in hearing your long winded theories about life. We’re kidding. But it does create a sense of euphoria.

Side Effects: Marijuana can cause dry mouth, nausea, vomiting, dry or red eyes, blood pressure issue, lung problems, impaired mental functioning, headache, dizziness, numbness, panic attacks, hallucinations, flashbacks, depression, and sexual problems. Oh and it also gets you high. 

Verdict: If you can get addicted to porn or shopping, well, you can probably get addicted to weed. I mean c’mon. Smoking weed for the most part is harmless. That is why its being legalized, but apparently smoking is not good for your lungs and throat and can potentially cause problems later on down the road. Other methods, like smoking it through a vaporizer are probably safer. All in all though? Weed isn’t that bad. Unless you eventually find yourself smoking crack after you use it, cough cough, progression, addicts.

iStock_000017387097Small8. Alcohol

Why it’s good: It is liquid courage, a social lubricant, a small talk maker, a delicious food maker.

Side Effects: Impaired vision, slurred speech, loss of comprehension, staggering, emotional instability, and loss of inhibition. Long term effects include heart and liver disease, a beer belly and car crashes. In 2012 alone, more than 10,000 people died in alcohol related crashes. That is one every 51 minutes. 

The Verdict: You don’t have to be sloshed to have fun. Alcohol can make you look like an ass, it is dangerous, it probably shouldn’t even be legal, but its socially accepted and fun. So continue on. 

Cigarette butts7. Cigs or Tobacco

Why it’s good: Smoking cigs makes you look cool? Not sure about this one. What we know is that they allow you take a break from work, it goes great with drinking and coffee, after a huge meal, and even after sex. 

Side Effects: Smoking is the leading preventable cause of death in the US. It causes around 480,000 deaths each year. It increases the chance of basically every disease there is. Mainly heart disease, cardiovascular disease, stroke, and lung cancer. 

Verdict: It is dangerous. Really dangerous. The top six tobacco companies net around 35 billion dollars getting you hooked on the stuff. Cigarettes and snuff are the worst for you, and yet millions of us smoke and dip or chew tobacco because, we are addicted. If you can quit it is highly recommended. 

High Times

High Times

6. LSD

Why it’s good: It makes you feel like a hippy and a part of the universe maaannnn. If you want to feel one with the universe and see shit other people can’t see, LSD is it. 

Side Effects: Vivid images, sounds, and sensations that seem real but aren’t. Users can experience delusion, psychiatric conditions, increased heart rate and blood pressure. Effects of LSD can last as long as 12 hours. And depending on the user LSD can cause a bad trip, which triggers scary thoughts, similar to a long terrifying nightmare. 

Verdict: Taking hardcore hallucinogens probably isn’t awesome for you. Why? Because that isn’t a rainbow colored pony, it is your motorcycle. And that? That isn’t an ocean, it is the cement street from three stories up. Deaths associated with LSD are super rare, and the drug doesn’t cause life threatening conditions but strong hallucinations can be dangerous. 

facts about cocaine5. Cocaine

Why it’s good: Well, it isn’t crack. It speeds you up. Makes you feel invincible, its euphoric–womp womp. Familiar?

Side Effects: Gain energy, alertness, elevated mood, irritability, paranoia, restlessness, and anxiety. It can cause heart attacks, heart disease, an abnormal heart rate, strokes, kidney failure and possible death. Highly addictive.

Verdict: Coke is a serious drug with serious side effects. But believe it or not the effects aren’t as harsh as they could be. But if you take a lot of the drug of course it gets more risky. It is really expensive as well. It may not be crack, but it is still bad. Or maybe it is crack. Same thing basically. 


Why it’s good: It makes you love everyone even though your soul is a black abyss of nothingness. 

Side Effects: It gives the user a sense of intense euphoria, peacefulness, pleasure, self confidence, it damages serotonin neurons, confusion, depression, sleep problems, anxiety, paranoia, increased heart rate and blood pressure, teeth clenching, nausea, blurred vision, and sweating. Possible death too. 

Verdict: It’s pretty dangerous. It causes your brain to use up all its happy stuff in one go. MDMA is basically the same thing as molly. Only molly is touted as being “pure.” We aren’t sure what that means. Either way the effects are the same. 

tumblr_m8ih7wFgvV1qhrng2o1_5003. Purple Drank or Lean AKA Promethazine/Codeine

Why it’s good: All your favorite rappers use it. 

Side Effects: Give you euphoria, motor skill impairment, lethargy, drowsiness, and a possibility of death by overdose. Sometimes the recommended dosage can be exceeded by up to 25 times. 

Verdict: It is extremely dangerous to take large amounts of drugs that are depressants aka that slow the body down. This is basically heroin in a purple drink. Many doctor’s prescribe codeine and promethazine, but that doesn’t make it safe. It is addictive and dangerous. 

meth2. Meth

Why it’s good: It gave us the show Breaking Bad

Side Effects: Meth is highly addictive, can increase physical activity, increase wakefulness (for days), and decrease appetite. In high doses meth can cause body temperatures to rise or fall to fatal levels, and it can cause seizures. It increases blood pressure, can permanently damage blood vessels in the brain causing strokes and more. Meth users can feel anxious, confused, violent, paranoid, and they can also have hallucinations. 

Verdict: Meth is bad. The risks associated with meth are numerous not including the damage you can do to your face. It isn’t a good look even though it may feel good. 

The Ninth Floor1. Heroin

Why it’s good: You’ve seen Trainspotting, Drugstore Cowboy, etc. etc. You feel like you are floating. 

Side Effects: Heroin can cause euphoria, sedation, dizziness, vomiting, constipation, and death. Heroin related deaths in 2010 reached nearly 4,000. It is safe to say that the number for this year is shockingly higher than that. Heroin can cause death by respiratory failure. It can also cause overdose, and then death. Heroin users have an increase in tolerance which leads to addiction and also a potential overdose. 

Verdict: Heroin is not a joke. If you make it out of heroin use alive, consider yourself blessed. You can die, easily from it.