Obamacare Facts: How They Affect Drug Addicts

Obamacare Explained: Drug Addiction Treatment
November 5, 2013
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November 12, 2013
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obamacare factsThe Obamacare Facts and how they affect drug addicts have stayed quiet. And in our humble opinion they have stayed quiet for far too long. The Patient Protection, Affordable Care ACt, also known as Obamacare creates better access to drug and alcohol treatment. However, it has stayed quiet up until now because of those who are opposed to the bill finding one more reason to go against it. That is besides the point though. Obamacare has taken affect and how it is going to be affecting everyone including drug addicts needing or wanting help. Here are the Obamacare facts and how it affects drug addicts:

Health Care Parity: What does that mean, right? Health care parity? What? Well, The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008 made it so that all small group insurance that offers mental health benefits must cover just as much for addiction as it does for other health conditions. But there is one loophole to this. This law only applied to insurance policies that offered mental health services. So what insurance companies did is they got rid of mental health services altogether. Obamacare resolves this issue by making it so that all insurance companies MUST cover mental health services. Which is good news if you are a drug addict or have a drug addict in the family.

Coverage until you are 26: This one makes a little more sense and is a bit straightforward. As you may know the majority of addicts develop an issue later in life. In their teen years their drug use and drinking is just kind of starting out. Obamacare has raised the age that children can stay on their parents insurance policies which means there is an extended amount of time that they can acknowledge that they have a drug addiction and seek drug addiction treatment. 

Preexisting conditions are OK: Before Obamacare, addicts would have difficulty getting health insurance coverage no matter how long they have been sober. Obamacare doesn’t allow the denial of coverage because of health conditions, such as addiction. 

Screenings, Interventions, and Treatment Referrals: Obamacare has put in place quick screenings to help health experts to stop drug abuse from turning into a drug ADDICTION. Screenings can get someone the help they need before it gets too out of hand and it is a preventative measure to help stop the addiction process. 

These are probably the most important Obamacare facts to know especially for drug addicts or for those who want to get help for a drug addict. Obamacare really has put in place a way for anyone suffering from addiction to get the help they need. If you or someone you know is suffering from drug addiction and needs to know more about the Obamacare facts, please call us. WE can help you not only with a free assessment and screening but also figure out how these Obamacare facts can benefit you immensely so you can start your journey into recovery; either for yourself ore ven for your loved one. Call Addiction Intervention Now Inc. TODAY!