My Son is a Heroin Addict- A Mothers Story

One Womans Inspiring Story of Overcoming Opiate Addiction
September 23, 2013
How to Perform an Intervention by Ivan Baker
September 27, 2013
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Words of Love

A Message of Pain and Hope

 Good Morning,
                       Want to share a little about my son Bobby. Bobby is 32 yrs old and has been living on the streets of Camden, N.J. for the last 8 yrs, Herion addict. I am not sure if you get the news about NJ in florida, but if you do, you know that Camden is one of our worst cities for drugs and shootings. My son has a Daughter, Brianna, she is 16. He has never really been here for her, and she has grown to hate him just for that reason, she has that right. Ive been thru all the rehabs, which is not easy here in NJ unless you have insurance. Each time I finally found one that would take him, he would purposely mess up, and he would get kicked out. Went thru this many, many times. He just was not ready. Here is where I stand today. Now mind you, each time I had received a phone call about my son, it had been yrs since I had seen him. The first call was from the hospital, my son was found in a ditch, paralyzed from shooting in his neck. If it were not for a woman who was a security guard at a nearby college, on her way to work, and happen to look the way where my son was laying, who knows what would of happened. She called 911 and stayed with him until the ambulance got there. When I got to the hospital, I didn’t even recognize him. His hair was long, he had a full beard and weighed about 90 pounds….he looked like he was about 50 yrs old, took everything I had to keep my composure. They did an emergency surgery, telling me they didn’t know if he would make it, he did, thank God. They had to fuse the muscles in his neck, he has 3 rods and screws…he was in the hospital for over 2 months. I brought him home, many talks of going to rehab again, maybe even go out of state, even though I didn’t know how I was going to pay for it. Well, once his meds were done, so was he, I woke up one morning and he was gone, again.  Another 2 yrs go by and get another call from hospital, his hip was deteriating, they had to do another surgery where they inserted a black sponge to the right side of his hip. His body is just shutting down. Once again, I brought him home, long talks again, but woke up to find him gone, as you see, his meds ran out again, he needed to get back to the streets. That was 2 yrs ago. I heard he was in and out of jail. There were 4 county sheriffs at my door at 4 o’clock in the morning the other day looking for him. Of course they would not tell me what they wanted him for because of his age, so I told them he was homeless on the streets of Camden. Hopefully they will pick him up, at least I will know he is still alive, a roof over his head and 3 square meals. But, everytime he is picked up, he never stays any longer then 90 days, not long enough in my opinion to get clean. This is where I stand today. I just lost my job, and trying to care for his daughter. I really am at a loss right now.
Thank you for listening.
Take care.