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October 14, 2013
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October 16, 2013
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The Baker Act Florida LawAs addiction and interventionist experts, we at Addiction Intervention Now know the ins and outs of not only getting you or your loved one drug treatment, but also the laws associated with saving lives. The Baker Act Florida Law is simply that, it is a law that allows you to intervene on your loved ones drug use even though they may have no desire to get help.

Lets Break Down The Baker Act Florida Law


The Baker Act Florida Law is also known as The Florida Mental Health Act of 1971. It was named for the Florida representative Maxine Baker, no relation, who had a strong interest in mental health issues and served as chair of a House Committee on Mental Health. But what does mental health have to do with addiction? Well addiction often times, in its later stages, is ugly and can make a person seem crazy. Addiction is also a disease that is both mental and physical.


 So what The Baker Act Florida Law allows, is for you to have an involuntary examination of a loved one. Many people call it an emergency or involuntary commitment. This law is extremely helpful in many cases where your loved one may be using drugs to the point of near death but still can’t see that they need help. How?


Well, The Baker Act Florida Law allows law enforcement officials, physicians, or mental health professionals to “make” your loved one get help. Of course there must be evidence that person is struggling. This evidence most often must consist of proof that your loved one is a danger to themselves or to others, or your loved one must have a mental illness.


 Is The Baker Act Florida Law Necessary?


 As an expert interventionist at Addiction Intervention Now I never want to have to use The Baker Act. Hopefully, with the use of intervention techniques and really getting down to the nitty gritty with your loved one we can intervene on their drug use and denial without needing to put any laws into place. We have tons of success by just sitting down with addicted loved ones and explaining to them what we have to offer as a solution and the damage they are causing themselves and their loved ones. We at Addiction Intervention Now have been at this for a long time. We have pulled many addicts and alcoholics from the hell they have been living in and more often than not they end up turning their lives around. Rarely, if ever have we needed to use The Baker Act Florida Law.


 We have found being real, honest, and just talking to someone about his or her drug addiction is just as effective if not more so, than an involuntary commitment. So while it is important that you know The Baker Act Florida Law is an option, it is also important you know that it may not be necessary with the use of myself or another one of expert interventionist on our Addiction Intervention Now team.


If you or someone you love could use the help of myself, or one of our premiere interventionists then please call us! We can do a free consultation and find ways to help you or your loved one!

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