Ivan Baker

CNDAI, Addiction Intervention Specialist

Ivan BakerFlorida Rehab Placement Professional: Family Support Services

Strength and Integrity

Being a Certified National Drug and Alcohol Interventionist (CNDAI), Ivan Baker has successfully placed many sons and daughters of families across the United States into South Florida rehab programs.  Ivan is well known for his charisma, understanding disposition and vivacious personality.  These are just some of the many positive qualities Ivan has that aid in him being one of the most top-notch addiction intervention experts of his time.  Ivan has the ability to capture the attention of a room in just a few words.  Why?  Ivan himself is able to understand people, to speak directly to their hearts; because he has walked in their shoes.

From his own deep personal determination because of his own life experience in drug and alcohol recovery, Ivan is one of the most notable rising stars today in the intervention field.  Ivan is one of the most qualified interventionists in the field to be helping aid in saving lives.

Family Values

In 1972 Ivan Baker was born in New Haven, Connecticut to a wonderful family; a family that valued academic achievement and personal strength.  Positive influences surrounded Ivan throughout his life from his belated father, John Baker, who was a Civil Rights attorney as well as a former Dean of Albany University School of Law, to his loving mother, Eleanor Baker, who always encouraged Ivan to put his best foot forward, and to do right by others.  Although today Ivan carries on with his parents’ good teachings, for some time Ivan had his own personal demons standing in his way.

Strength and Determination

Discovering drugs and alcohol in his early teen years threatened to hinder a promising future for Ivan.  Somehow, he managed to hold things together long enough to become a successful Chicago business owner grossing $1 million in net worth by the time he was 30.  Little did he know things were going to take a drastic turn for the worst.

With an insatiable desire for cocaine and alcohol, Ivans’ life started to fall apart right in front of his eyes.  While on business trips, time would slip away.  Weeks were lost in hotel rooms in other cities, business clients and colleagues went uncalled.  People started to worry.  Rock bottom came very quickly and Ivan hit it face first.

Ivan was brought to his knees from his addiction in 2008, he was completely defeated.  With a pair of timberland boots to his name, Ivan was left wandering the hard streets of the South Side of Chicago.  It was at this time; Ivan reached out to his childhood friend, Saul Kane and asked for help.

From the Bottom to the Top

Ivan never let go of the hand that helped him and showed him a way to a better life.  Ivan quickly enmeshed himself into the vibrant south Florida drug and alcohol recovery community.  Being a man of passion like his father, Ivan Baker began pursuing liberation through drug and alcohol recovery.  Ivan worked the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and did so with the same drive to succeed as he did when he was prospering in the business world; this time with a different end goal, spiritual freedom and happiness.

Today, Ivans’ life is more then he could have ever dreamed it could be when was sleeping outdoors in the cold hard streets of Chicago.  Ivan has a full life today consisting of friends who love and respect him, that are active in their sober communities, a supportive Wife, a beautiful home in a safe neighborhood and two dogs, Kunga and Baby.  Ivans’ family life is a reflection of his character, when you walk into his home, all you will find is warmth, love and happiness, because these are some of the things that define Ivan today.

With a brilliant and rewarding career path which allows him to give back to society, help the suffering alcoholic and addict just like himself on a daily basis, and being able to love himself again along with so many more blessings; when asked how he feels about his accomplishments and life Ivan states “Life is good as long as I remember God is good and I let him lead the way.”

Trust and Determination

For addiction intervention to be successful, Ivan knows better than anyone else that determination and trust are needed.  You must have determination when working with someone who is stuck in the disease, to not give up, to keep their faith up even when they have lost it.  You must be able to gain their trust, to show them you will not give up on them.  Ivan is definitely the man for the job.  With his motivational drive and spunk for life, Ivan is able to keep those who are downs spirits lifted and show them that he has walked in their shoes and he is going to be there to guide them in the right direction to a much better, happier life.