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September 12, 2016
September 15, 2016
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“Recovery is not Self-Help Anymore. It Takes a Village to do an Intervention Now.”


The More the Merrier?

Written By, Kirk Markey — September 14, 2016

interventionAt Addiction Intervention Now, we believe in the power of the group.  We believe  in the awesome power of the family, the tribe, and the community.  Working together improves us, recreates us in a warmer light, gives us hope and strength that alone we couldn’t find.  This is especially true with addiction, when getting involved immediately is the only loving choice.

Technologically speaking, we live in a connected world.  But these connections can be cold and all surface, especially for the addict and their family.  Addiction is a disease of isolation.  It’s also a disease of waiting, of putting off responsibility until later, when every sign says act right now.   Addiction hates quick action, and loves procrastination above all things.  

Addiction is an echo chamber.  It’s hearing only your own sick ideas.  They ricochet back and forth in the addict’s head, until they sound like wisdom.  Only the immediate involvement of the group can start to fix this, once rhythms gets lively in the echo chamber.


So Everyone, right away?


Yep, everyone, yesterday if possible.  Intervention is all hands on deck and everybody doing their part.  It’s like a fire drill in reverse, everybody rushing into the building where it’s hot and ugly.  That’s what the tribe would have done, when mutual need was more obvious, when connectedness was just a given.  The tribal elders wouldn’t look at woman getting eaten by a saber tooth tiger and say: “Let’s wait a minute.  She’s scrappy.  She might just turn this around.”

And getting involved now is more than just better resources and whizbang practical knowledge. It transforms us.  Group action is not just an addition.  It’s multiplication, an exponent, raising things to the nth power.  An immediate intervention works at the root level, right where addiction needs alone time with its client.  

So get involved, get everyone involved right away if your tribe is suffering.  Intervention starts the healing, the shared act of recreation, even a single voiced concern.  Intervention is homeopathy, a folk remedy for something unnatural.  And if you need help getting started, let us know right away.  The village is bigger than you think.