Intervention Procedures

Addiction Intervention Now: World of Intervention Services 

For those that are new to the world of interventions, specifically friends and family of an addict, you may not know what to expect from the process. While it can vary slightly from addict to addict, overall intervention procedures are the same and involve the following steps:

Speaking to the family

Before the true intervention begins, an intervention specialist meets with family members to hear about the concerns that they may have about the addict. The certified interventionist will want to get as much of the story as possible so the right course of action can be taken. This is paramount to ensuring a successful intervention and is an integral part of intervention procedure. At that stage of the intervention, family and friends learn what they might expect when the intervention takes place. This might mean coming up with consequences should the sick loved one not choose to get help or it could mean preparing for the emotions that are more than likely going to come up during the intervention.

Preparing family intervention letters 

The family is then also asked to prepare a statement that they will read to their loved one when the intervention takes place. Each family member will write a letter to the addict that describes specific situations when the sick loved one’s drug use or drinking effected them and other people around them. The goal with the family intervention letters is to persuade the addict to accept the help that is being offered.

Placing the addict in treatment

During the intervention, the goal is for the addict to ultimately accept the help that is available to them to treat their substance abuse problem. Typically, they must leave almost immediately, and they may be escorted by the intervention specialist. The treatment option is arranged prior to the intervention based on the addict’s history of abuse, and the other relevant information provided by friends and family members.