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“Intervention Help and Repairing the Family”  

The Folklore of Intervention Help

Written By Kirk Markey — October 10, 2016

Our culture has a lot of ideas about how intervention help works and what it should accomplish.  They intervention helpcome from television, movies, and wherever else we get the rest of our folk psychology.  Some of these ideas are right, while others are, um, a little misleading.  But either way, a lot of our folklore obscures the most essential fact about intervention help.


This essential fact is simple.  Intervention help exists to repair families.  It exists to heal the damage addiction inflicts on everyone whose life it touches.  This is the most important thing to know about interventions.  And here are a few ways that intervention help can work for your family.  


Intervention Help and the Suffering Addict


It starts with the addict.  Intervention help offers short and long term solutions to the addict themselves, to help alleviate their suffering.  This in turn starts to repair the family, whether the addict accepts these solutions or not.  Either way, the rest of the family can start to rebuild their old bonds and live again.  


Even if the addict refuses help, family members will know they’ve done what they could for now.  They’ll know how to help in the future.  They’ll set and maintain healthy boundaries.  And when and if the addict does want the help, the family will have the strength to give it.  


Rebirth and New Potential


Intervention help is a tool for a new way of life.  It shows families how to transform the terrors of addiction into an opportunity for growth.  Addiction is not an isolated phenomenon.  It develops within a context, part of which is the family dynamic.  This family dynamic is sometimes dysfunctional for everyone.  Interventions help families identify and address there problem areas.  


An intervention carves out an emotional space where families can grow.  It gives them a new sense of freedom.  Intervention help takes some of the focus off of the addict and puts it back on the family as a whole.  It allows the individual members to develop themselves and their relationships.  I


By helping to establish a new internal dynamic, interventions create a new potential for happiness and unity.  Sometimes, this new potential is richer than anything the family ever thought possible, even before addiction eclipsed their hopes.  Both individually and as a group, the family will emerge from intervention help transformed.