How To Perform An Intervention

September 15, 2016
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September 28, 2016
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how to perform an intervention

“Okay, Here it is – How to Perform an Intervention”

Every crisis is different

Written by, Kirk Markey —  September 21, 2016

There’s really no firm consensus on how to perform an intervention.  Sure, most interventions have certain features in common, but after that there’s a lot of variability.   And this makes sense when you think about it, right?  People are different, and so are the problems that addicts and their families face.   So it stands to reason that when folks ask us how we perform our interventions, the answer gets complicated pretty quick.  

It’s like Tolstoy said: “All happy families are alike; each family in crisis is in crisis differently.”  I’m interventionparaphrasing, but you get the gist.  There are as many ways to be addicted as there are addicted people.  And the same holds true for the family dynamic in the background.  It’s becoming common knowledge that addiction affects the whole family, but people under duress often default to the misguided idea that it’s only the addict who needs help.  

So it’s our job to keep everyone’s needs in mind and perform the intervention accordingly.  The first thing we’re going to do is pay attention.  We’re going to listen to what the family says with an open mind, so we can better understand the unique dynamic in play.  We’re going to put aside what we know and ask a lot of questions.  And we’re going to perform the intervention based on the answers we hear.  That’s the best way we know to stay fluid and responsive.

Caring but objective

Computers can’t perform interventions.  Only people can, people who care about the very human faces sitting in front of them.  But they have to stay objective as well, so they don’t make an already difficult situation worse.  That’s one of the reasons it’s best to let an experienced professional direct the intervention.  The most well intentioned and intelligent people can lose control of a crisis quickly if they become too emotional.

Don’t get me wrong – we’re going to involve the family.  We need them to participate and help structure the intervention to fit their needs.  We’re just going to keep things on an even keel and direct the intervention toward positive outcomes.  And we’ll bring our knowledge and experience to bear on your family’s unique situation.  We’ll apply a blend of traditional and innovative techniques to create the best possible solution for everyone involved.  

How to perform an intervention

Note that I said we’d create a solution.  A good intervention is not like an antibiotic in a spectrum.  Performed well, an intervention is more like a brand new vaccine against an exotic disease.   We’re going to fashion your intervention in a unique and novel way, one that we mold specifically for you and your family.  That’s our promise.  And we start making good on it by paying attention.  

If you want to know more about how to perform an intervention, contact Addiction Intervention Now today.