How Alcohol Interventions Are Performed

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August 21, 2013
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August 26, 2013
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 When family members, friends, co-workers and basically anyone else close to the alcoholic have had enough dealing with the alcoholics intervention20pixproblematic ways that is when an alcohol intervention is usually performed.  During an alcohol intervention all those closest to the alcoholic gather together and confront the alcoholic, they let them know how their drinking has been affecting everyone around them.  Each person will describe how the alcoholics’ drinking has been a problem in their individual lives.  Now this all seems so simple; alcohol interventions are actually not this simple, they take a lot of careful planning and the help of trained substance abuse professionals called interventionists.  An interventionist specializes in alcohol interventions as well as drug interventions.  It is important to utilize the support of an interventionist to perform an alcohol intervention.  Interventionists have been trained to deal with these types of situations; they know what works and what does work. 

The point of an alcohol intervention is to get the alcoholic to seek treatment for their alcoholism.  By just confronting the alcoholic alone they will not listen.  The interventionist will help devise a plan for how the intervention will go and where it will take place.  The interventionist will make sure that the alcohol intervention takes place in a safe environment for all parties involved. 

Sometimes the alcoholic will be taken surprised by the intervention and it is better that have an interventionist there to be a mediator.  It is also good to have the interventionist there because most of the time the interventionist has been in the same position as the alcoholic and can share his or her own experiences of achieving sobriety. 

There are other forms of alcohol intervention.  Sometimes a family intervention does not need to be performed; the alcoholic may just need intervention support.  Intervention support is when the interventionist is used a support for the alcoholic.  The alcoholic will be in contact with an interventionist who will guide them to the proper place for help.  During this time the alcoholic is the one who realizes that they need help and is seeking it for themselves.  Interventionists find the proper places for alcoholics to seek detox, rehabilitation, and sober living.  They look out for the long term care of the alcoholic to help them achieve long term sobriety after an alcohol intervention.

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