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November 26, 2013
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December 2, 2013
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gratitudeIt is now Black Friday. And most of us will be out shopping for more. Trying to get the best deals while we can. This shopping spree is followed by a day of gratitude and giving thanks. Most of us on Thanksgiving begin to think about all we have and we realize how much it really is. On Thanksgiving we stop comparing what we don’t have to what other people have and we take a look at how blessed we all really are. 

So why not incorporate this into our every day life. Even on days like Black Friday, where the goal is to buy as much as possible for as little money as possible. 

Did you know it is impossible to be grateful and depressed at the same time? It is scientifically proven. And if you think about it, it makes sense. When you are looking at how things could be worse, or at how much you do have then why would you be sad. All of us are luckier than we could possibly imagine. 

If you don’t think so you only have to compare your life not to your neighbor but on a much grander scale than that. Compare your life to a life that has been affected by the most recent Tsunami in the east. Compare your life to those who are in the middle east. Compare your life to those that are living in 3rd world countries. And you can easily see how much you have even if in comparison to your neighbors it may not look like a whole lot. 

Gratitude is being happy with what you have. And it radiates. Gratitude is one of the building blocks to peace and contentedness. And yet, often times, we fall into the trap of thinking of what we don’t have. We are programmed to do it. We are programmed by everything around us to want something we don’t already have. It is called advertising and it works. It is a part of our culture. 

But what if we all just learned to live with a little less? What if we all just learned to recognize that we have everything we need and more importantly we have the important stuff like family, friends and love! On Thanksgiving it is easy to stop and recognize that we have these things as we are surrounded by family, loved ones, friends, and an abundance of food. So why not make it a daily  practice? Why not make gratitude, that feel good feeling, a daily part of your life?

What could it hurt?