Gay for Pay: A New Bottom

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December 5, 2013
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December 9, 2013
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gay for payThrough decades of experience in and out of the sobriety communities it seems like the ongoing trend is that the men end up committing armed robbery and that women end up prostituting themselves.

That might have been the case at one point, but it is 2013 and times have changed. Today there is no norm when it comes to what addict’s will do for drugs or money. Today men will sell their bodies just as quickly as women, and women will catch an assault charge just as quickly as a man. 

Scratch the surface of today’s drug addict and you may not like what you find. There is a whole world draped in secrecy that seems endless the deeper you go. In fact, men may not talk about it as much, but they are just as likely as women to have committed some kind of sexual act to get money for drugs. So much so, that it is safe to say, around 50% of men who are in active addiction have done it and it has a name. It is lovingly known as gay for pay. Gay for pay, when straight men perform homosexual sex acts for money; money that is usually used to buy drugs  

And it isn’t happening in the ghetto or the big city. You can find this happening in our very own friendly neighborhood of Delray Beach, Florida.

As you may or may not know, Delray Beach and the surrounding economy thrive off of the enormous recovery community. But what most don’t know, or if they do, will try to forget, is that there is an increasingly large market preying off the vulnerability and desperation of straight, drug addicted men, thousands of miles away from home. And it’s a lucrative business. Straight men can make up to 1000 dollars for jerking off in front of a camera. While it may cost the buyer a sum of money, it comes at a rate of the addict’s dignity and self-respect. And the clincher here? No one gets caught. It never hits the media. No one ever says a word. “Shh.”


Put yourself in the shoes of the addict. These are straight guys, they don’t want to just admit that to anyone. The worst part is it keeps them from being able to get sober. Somewhere, some place close, someone has a vast collection that catalogues the living nightmare that tortures the souls, and corrupts the innocence of a young, sick, straight, male drug addict. 


Sexual deviants? Sickos? Porn kings? Nope. Seems like mostly wealthy business owners. On the business end of this transaction, this is an increasingly popular fetish for those who can afford the price tag and get their rocks off on the exploitation of the sick and desperate. The turn on can be knowing the money is going to drugs; knowing the men are straight; a degree of control; they need them to get their fix; they are documenting the devastation of ‘machismo’ in a man. 

What Now? 

Somebody say something, we did.

If you or someone you love has been there don’t keep quiet! Speak up, raise your voice. Call for help: 

(866) 683 8833

We can offer you or your loved one a way out.