The First Weed Vending Machines are Up and Running

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April 11, 2014
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April 15, 2014
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weed vending machine

Shortly after the first recreational dispensaries opened in Colorado earlier this year, they began working on what would be the first of its kind; a weed vending machine. Colorado has finally revealed and installed their first weed vending machine. 

It is in Avon, Colorado, is bright green, like neon green, and it sits outside of Montana’s Smokehouse. It is stocked with a variety of edibles-enhanced with THC. This weed vending machine can only be used by marijuana smokers with a medical card, and they have to scan a valid ID in order to gain access to all of its goodies inside.

weed vending machine

However, with Washington and Colorado both legalizing marijuana without any major issues and with Colorado expecting to earn 100 million dollars in tax revenue, thanks to ending weed prohibition, it wouldn’t be surprising to see these bit more widespread as more states begin to relax their marijuana laws. 

In a few years, you might just be able to buy weed in one vending machine while you buy your munchies from the one next to it. Who knows? The world is changing that is for sure. And this bright neon green machine is one of the biggest beacons of what the future might bring. 

What do you think of the weed vending machines? Good idea or bad idea? If you are in recovery do you support the legalization of marijuana? If so, why? If not, why not?

Let us know your thoughts!