Your Favorite Sober Safe Spot is Now Offering Booze: Starbucks

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Starbucks opens a newly remodeled store that sell beer and wine to counter sagging business in the evening hours.

“For those not in recovery this is seen as exciting news. Starbucks and booze? Together? Hooray! For those of us who are spending our time killing time…with sponsees, or sober support outside of the nearest Starbucks, maybe not so much. Coffee is our safest and greatest friend and Starbucks especially was our BFF. But, now Starbucks will double as a sort of wine and tapas bar. Say what?

Yep, you heard me right.

Thousands of stores across the country will be sporting a late night menu that includes wrapped dates and Malbec wine, among other things. If you’ve worked steps and have found the 10th step promises this could mean nothing– BUT for everyone and anyone just trying to wing it or just not there yet, this could pose problems in your recovery or with your treatment center/halfway house when you try to order your daily venti iced caramel macchiato and bask in the warm sunshine that is your new found sobriety.

For you it doesn’t make sense. For Starbucks, it does. Their sales are higher in the morning obviously, and drop at night. This would keep the sales coming all day though.

They have already begun testing this new program, but we wont see it’s entire expansion for a while. Believe it or not though, Starbucks is shifting gears away from coffee related products to non-coffee products, such as juice, food and alcohol to stimulate its growth.

It could have something to do with the fact that paying almost 7 dollars for a coffee is a bit of a rip off but who knows.

Yesterday Starbucks announced a long term plan that will double its market value to 100 billion. The company is also focusing on a method that will allow customers to place orders via smartphone.

October 2010 is when Starbucks began to look into alcohol, with Seattle’s inhabitants being the first recipients. And then in Jan 2012, Starbucks tested their alcohol idea in 25 locations throughout Chicago, Atlanta, and Southern California.

Menu items include truffle mac and cheese, chicken skewers, chocolate fondue and Chardonnay.

Right now Starbucks has around 20,000 stores and the late night menu is only available in about 40 of them. They will expanding as time goes by but this menu won’t be in every store. We will wait and see what happens here!