Family Intervention: Addiction Intervention Now

Family Intervention

Staging a family intervention for an addict can be one of the most effective tools when it comes to encouraging a loved one to get the necessary treatment help. While addicts rarely recognize that they have a problem on their own, hearing that they do from the people that mean the most to them can make a big difference. Family interventions can make the difference in whether or not an addict decides to get help. Family interventions really are one of the most useful tools for breaking through an addict’s denial.

In order to further encourage the process, family members play the following role in an intervention:

  • Express their concerns and love for the individual struggling with addiction.
  • Provide an ultimatum to the addict. For example, saying that they will no longer be in their lives, or that they will no longer provide financial support or a place to live.
  • Remind the loved one what their addiction has cost them.
  • Tell their loved one what they could accomplish if only they overcome their addiction.

Family members can be very emotionally persuasive to addicts, as even those that have grown apart have a desire to impress one another with their accomplishments. A family intervention can be guided by an intervention professional and it is highly recommended that a certified family interventionist facilitates the process. Because emotions run high during a family intervention, it is important that a family is prepared and also ready for the reaction of the addict in their life. A certified family interventionist can help prepare the family for whatever may happen during the intervention and can offer a stronger guarantee that the family intervention will be successful. What is a successful family intervention? The addict or alcoholic discovers the willingness to get help and enters a treatment program.