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July 23, 2013
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July 29, 2013
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Help For Families of Addicts in South Florida

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Drugs and alcohol are now affecting most homes in the United States.  The United States government estimates nearly 9 percent of our family intervention2population has used an illicit drug or has abused prescription medication in the past month.  While most addicts and alcoholics feel like they are the only ones feeling the brunt of their use, family members are suffering as well.

Family members are known to go through emotions that leave them feeling intoxicated in their own way.  These emotions are known to be intoxicant emotions; such as shame, guilt, resentment, self-pity, worry, and anger.  How these emotions  “intoxicate” a person is by changing the way an individual feels when they indulges in the particular emotion. Shame for example, will often cause a person to hide, be secretive, feel depressed, or unable to sleep.  This is very similar to how the alcoholic and addict may feel when actively using or coming off their drug of choice.  These intoxicant emotions can take over the lives of the family of the alcoholic and addict.  That is why family intervention is offered. 

In order for the addict or alcoholic to get better their family members must be healthy as well.  The place to start is with a family intervention. During a family intervention a complete over-haul is done of the family.  A family intervention allows all issues to be addressed between family members with a licensed interventionist to guide them through any intoxicant issues they may be having, such as co-dependency, enabling, shame, guilt, anger.  The interventionist will keep the family intervention on track and will make sure all issues are addressed and will continue to work with the family so that they will be healthy enough to help in guiding their sick family member down the right path to a sober life.  Saul Kane, CNDAI, Addiction Intervention Specialist states “the family needs time to heal as well, we are here not only to help guide the alcoholic and addict, we are here for the families as well.”   The family intervention is only a beginning, the next step is sitting down with their sick loved one once the family has done their work with the interventionist and make a plan to get their loved one help.  

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