Dual Diagnosis Referral Services

Mental health and substance abuse are often so closely linked that it can be hard to differentiate which issue began first.  This is why dual diagnosis treatment is an appropriate option for many addicts, as addiction and mental health usually go hand in hand. Dual diagnosis treats addiction and mental health as a part of the same package, under the belief that treating just one of the conditions will ultimately result in relapse with the other. A dual diagnosis program recognizes the importance of treating both the mental health condition and the addiction at the same time. Treating both the mental health condition and the addiction gives an addict or alcoholic the best shot at recovery.

There are some conditions that dual diagnosis treatment is particularly effective at treating. For example:

  • Depression or anxiety
  • Personality disorders
  • Schizophrenia
  • Trauma or PTSD
  • Eating disorders

Due to the intensive nature of dual diagnosis treatment, the most effective option is a residential treatment program that specializes in treating addiction and mental health at the same time. A residential dual diagnosis program can gives the addict or alcoholic the time needed to find the right mix of mental health medication and treatments as well as let go of the drugs and the alcohol. This is the most effective form of treatment for anyone who is suffering from both a mental health condition and an addiction, regardless of which came first.

We can help you determine if this type of treatment is necessary for a loved one and connect you with appropriate treatment solutions that can help them to overcome their struggles.