Drug Addiction Interventions and Your Loved Ones?

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September 5, 2013
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Knowing When It’s the Right Time to Seek Help

Drug Intervention Help in Florida

Holding drug addiction interventions for loved ones that are suffering from drug and alcohol dependency can be one of the most helpful and surefire ways to get those handscurrently dependent on alcohol and drugs the help that they need.  Drug addiction interventions when performed the right way can be very beneficial because those around the alcoholic and addict are the ones affected the most by their behavior. 

During drug addiction interventions the ones who are affected the most, being the family will get to express to the addict and alcoholic how their actions and disease of addiction has affected them.  Drugs and alcohol provide a blind-fold for those abusing them, causing them to not be able to see how their actions have been affecting those around them.  Usually this process and experience opens the addict and alcoholics eyes up to what they have been doing.  Once their eyes are opened by those closest to them; more often than not the addict and alcoholic are able to see that they have a problem.  Although they may not be open to seeking help right away after thinking about their other options they usually jump at the chance to not live the life of misery they have been living.

When holding drug addiction interventions there are a few things to be aware of.  If a loved one is not ready to stop using, even if they hear everything that is being said and realize they have a problem, until they reach rock bottom they will not be ready.  It is very important during a drug addiction intervention that a professional interventionist is leading the intervention.  When in regards to drug addiction interventions, the interventionist serves many purposes.  The interventionists will lead the group intervention; which will include family, friends and the dependent loved one.  Interventionists also handle one and one time with the dependent party, as well as placement for treatment and coaching the family through the process. 

Interventionists also help the family to set up boundaries in order to keep themselves and their loved one safe, they teach the family and friends different techniques and ways to deal with their loved one.  Again, it is important to remember “you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink.”  You have to make sure not to force your loved ones to do anything, instead just guide them towards the solution, which would be to seek help for their addiction and learn to do this without enabling them.

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