Drug Addiction Intervention: Addiction Intervention Now

Drug Addiction Intervention

When someone is suffering from a drug addiction, the likelihood that they will seek treatment help on their own is unlikely. The disease of addiction is the only disease that convinces the suffering person that they don’t have it. This kind of denial can lead many addicts and alcoholics straight into their grave. This may sound extreme, but it is a reality. Addiction is a chronic, progressive and fatal disease that needs to be addressed. Addiction, for many reasons, should not be pushed under the rug. In the case of addiction it may be necessary for friends and family to come together in the form of a drug addiction intervention in order to get the addict into treatment and over their drug addiction.

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It is important to recognize when an intervention is needed. The following signs may be indicative that a loved one’s drug use is out of hand:

  • The addict appears to tell lies about their drug use behavior
  • They neglect their responsibilities with family, work, etc.
  • They are suffering financially
  • They are frequently ill as a result of their drug use
  • They are developing mental health issues related to the drug behavior
  • They are being cut off from family and friends
  • They have lost their children or other important things in their life


If the above signs sound familiar, then there is a minimal chance that your loved one will hit “rock bottom” and seek recovery help on their own. It is often said that addicts can’t recover unless they want to, but this simply isn’t true. Often times, addicts and alcoholics need help but they just don’t know when and how to ask for it. If their denial is strong enough, it may just take a drug addiction intervention to break through their denial and get them the help they need. While family and friends often worry about the feelings of an addict, staging a drug addiction intervention can be the one action that saves their life, so it should be a priority!