Dropping Dead: A Bad Batch of Heroin

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December 19, 2013
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December 21, 2013
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bad batch of heroinHeroin is highly dangerous. There is the risk of spreading blood borne diseases, collapsed veins, infected heart valves and so much more. These aren’t the only risks of doing dope though. Heroin, in its powdered form can be cut. And when heroin is cut, it can practically be mixed with anything. And when it is mixed with something to add to the high or to dull it down it can become deadly.

The list of things that could be added to powdered heroin is infinite. It could be anything.

Fentanyl (an opiate in and of itself) is usually the most potent and dangerous substance mixed with heroin, adding more intensity to the high, and is reminiscent of the 2006 batch known as “China White” or “Fefe”that created waves in Philadelphia after 269 people, in that city alone, lost their lives.

On that note, heroin could also be cut with dirt for all we know. Whatever the case may be, this mixture, heroin + something, is what is known as a bad batch of heroin.

When bad batches of heroin enter into communities people start dropping like flies. All over, addicts, who are doing their normal daily dose of dope drop dead and it is due to a bad batch of heroin. Doing heroin is really just like playing russian roulette. 

Recently, Palm Beach County has seen a surge in overdoses and deaths due to heroin. And the culprit is exactly what I just talked about, a bad batch of heroin, coming in capsule form, from New York. While this is fact, it is safe to speculate that this bad batch of heroin is all over the east coast right now as we are hearing about more and more overdoses everyday. And honestly, I don’t know about the rest of the east coast, but Palm Beach County doesn’t need any more deaths due to drug overdose.

As of December 7th, 2013, the Palm Beach Post reported that someone dies of a drug overdose every 35 hours in the county. And not long ago it was every 27 hours. That is a person a day pretty much. Drug overdose, in the good old county of PB is the leading cause of “nonnatural death” law enforcement officials say. Drug overdoses exceed the numbers of murder, and even traffic accidents. And the saddest thing about it is that drug overdose deaths are preventable in some instances. 

Bad batches of heroin are what calls the DEA into small towns to rid them of the drug. They find the source, test the product and come up with why so many people are “falling out” as it is called on the street. Whatever is going on right now is definitely hitting close to home though. As most people know Delray Beach is a hub of recovering addicts and those who just haven’t quite figured it out. It wouldn’t be surprising to have someone close to you die from doing this bad batch that is running rampant on the streets of Delray Beach right now. In fact, 8 people have died in the past few days from it. 

Which is why I am going to once again ask you to do something. If you know someone who is out in the area that is using, or even in your city (wherever that is), do something. Heroin is deadly enough as is, add in this potent bad batch factor and you have a murderous rampage that looks like people dead in trap houses with the needles still in their arms. And not even Narcan (the opioid antagonist that saves addicts lives every day after they miss the mark of how much is enough) can do anything to help. 

So if you know anyone please don’t hesitate to reach out for help. If you don’t do it now, then when you will you?