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Don't Stay Indifferent To Helping a Child Without Parents This Christmas - Prepare Your Gift

Unfortunately, the world is full of orphans especially children. They say there're no other's children, all children should feel care and love, even though it's not the care and love of their biological parents. If you feel indifferent towards these children and their needs and would like to participate in their lives at least once a year - send your present. This action of your can bring much joy and happiness into a child's life. So, what you need is to wrap, pack and send your present overseas with Operation Christmas Child. One of the best presents for children without parents can be clothes, shoes, toys, sweets, etc. So, prepare your shoebox for an orphan child today, look little giant xtreme ladder!

According to statistical data, last year, more than 1.2 million shoeboxes packed with different kinds of gifts and goodies were wrapped through Operation Christmas Child. They were properly packed and sent to those children who have no parents or are experiencing difficult life in situations by children and grown-ups in the UK.

Undoubtedly, your neighbourhood, family, school, community group or church can also be the part of this Christmas miracle in 2011. Remember that you have the power to remind a child that God loves them, that He is their Father. And this great job can be done with a simple gift. Just imagine the happiness of a child when he or she realizes that somebody has taken care of them in this world.

Generally speaking, Operation Christmas Child is the largest children's Christmas appeal in the UK. It has been functioning for more than 21 years already. And due to a great army of volunteers who are ready to spend their time and money in creating this Christmas present, the workers of this company have an opportunity to deliver shoeboxes filled with numerous gifts to children in Eastern Europe, Africa, and Central Asia.

We cooperate not only with local churches but also with charities abroad to ensure that every shoebox will be delivered to children who need it most. Our major responsibility is to provide children in need with shoeboxes regardless of their skin color, background, social level or beliefs. If possible, our local partners add to children's presents a booklet of Bible stories, as well as the original Christmas story describing the birth of Jesus.

You're welcome to read some of the given stories in order to find out what a great role each present plays in the life of a child overseas. So, would you like to participate in creating this Christmas miracle? It's not difficult as you may think. You'll need to follow the following steps:

1. Order your free resources - like Operation Christmas Child leaflet. You'll need it while preparing your shoebox.

2. Find an attractive empty shoebox.

3. Then just follow the instructions on the website or in our leaflet on proper wrapping and packing your shoebox.

4. Go to the nearest drop off point of yours with your shoebox between the 1st and the 18th of November. Further your box will be processed by our volunteers and sent to a child in need.

It's worth mentioning that Operation Christmas Child does much job in getting schools, churches, workplaces as well as community groups doing something needed and memorable in the lives of children without parents all over the world. Look for more ideas in the Internet telling how to make a miracle in the life of one child in need.

If you're too busy person to make your shoebox, you can simply make a donation. The donations are accepted in any country of the world. There look for more details on the website.