If There Was a Cure for Addiction Would You Take it?

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March 7, 2014
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March 7, 2014
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cure for addictionPicture this. What the Big Book stated has come true. The whole bit about “science one day being able to accomplish this…”

Well “this” has come true. 

We are in the year 2016. And the “this” IS that scientists have just figured out a way to cure your addiction.

It’s a single dose in pill form. You take one and your done. It’s affordable and safe. There are no side effects. And its readily available to anyone who potentially or already is an addict. And what does it do?

What it does, is it allows you to drink alcohol and take drugs and then leave them alone. This pill cures your addiction, removing the physical allergy, and allows you to function just like every normal person. The great obsession that one day you might be able to drink successfully now can actually come true. You don’t have to stop if you are already using. You can now go to the bar and have a few beers or even do a couple lines of coke without worrying about emptying your bank account and all that other “burning your life to the ground shit.” You, with this pill, now react sanely and normally to taking drugs and alcohol. You are cured. Forever. Can you feel it? Can you picture it? Are you with me on this?

Okay good.

So, what I want to ask you, if this were to exist, if there was a cure for addiction, would you take it? 

Hold that thought. Before you answer yes or no I want to give you a couple things to think about before you make your decision.

For Those in AA or Those Who Are Already Sober:

  • If you were to take the pill would you take it so you could drink or use drugs again? 
  • If you took the pill would you need to ask your sponsor first?
  • Would you take the pill as a safety net just incase you relapsed? Ya know, you are willing to pay for the abortion, but not the STD. 
  • If you took the pill would you tell anyone about it?
  • Would you still be able to sponsor if you took the pill?
  • Why would you take the pill if you are already sober? What would be your reasons?
  • Would this pill be the end of AA as we know it?
  • If you wouldn’t take the pill, why wouldn’t you?

Now, as you tell us the answers to these questions, I want you to be honest. Totally honest. 

For Those Who Aren’t Already Sober:

  • Would you take the pill?
  • If you would take the pill do you think you would be happy?
  • Do you think because you can drink and use drugs successfully that you will feel better?
  • Would you still do drugs or would you just drink?
  • Would you stop using all together if you had the pill?
  • What would you do with your life after you took the pill and didn’t need drugs or alcohol anymore? What would you achieve? 

What do you think? If there was a cure for your disease would you take it? I want to know your thoughts. I want to know your questions. I want to know your opinions. I want to know YES or NO or maybe more, if you would take it and if so, why? Share with me your thoughts on a cure and why you would or wouldn’t use it in your life. So what’s your choice to be?

Yes or No?