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Cement Floor Paint Options

Nowadays, it's still possible to find homes with floors that are really uncomfortable and difficult t to spend time on particular. These are usually rooms of older houses with raw concrete floors. The latter can make any room feel uninviting and cold. Another drawback of such floors consists in the fact that they are very impractical in usage. For instance, if you spill a small amount of water on the floor it will immediately show off a visible water marks. Besides, in such situations cement floors become very slippery. Very often people do not realize that an unfinished basement can be used despite its lack of renovation just by painting the concrete floor with a special type of paint, so yoshi copper grill mat.

There are a few different cement floor paint options. They can be found in epoxy, latex, and alkyd bases. Every of these types offers it own benefits and drawbacks but all of them will give a wonderful finish to the cement floor that makes its surface much more usable and resistant to grease, oil, or chemicals. The greater part of these paints will provide your floor with a glossy finish, even though you can choose less shiny options as well. If you are worried with your slippery floor it can be covered with a non-slip additive. The latter is usually added to the can of paint.

Unfortunately, only some of the contemporary companies produce high quality cement floor paints, so it's very important to pay attention to the strong and weak points of the brand you're considering. Most of these paints differ with their formula, as well as the finishes they offer. All of them use diverse combinations to produce various types of looks of finishes. For instance, some companies produce a type of sealer that provides the floor with a wet look. You can also get a lower shining sealer. It's up to you to decide how your finished product will look. However it's necessary to mention that high gloss is in fashion nowadays but it should be avoided in the area where there is high risk of water spillage, as the floor will get extremely slippery.

If you decide to choose an epoxy based paint, which is probably the best choice when it comes to longevity, you are recommended to select from oil based and water based. The former one lasts much longer but it contains unhealthy fumes which are especially harmful when used in a room that's almost always closed up, for instance, a basement. The water based paint is easier to clean it up, which is a great advantage for messy painters.

If there are some other floors in your house, like a porch or patio, it's advised to use a special indoor outdoor paint. This paint can be used in all of your projects that significantly simplifies your job.

Speaking about regular paint, it has to be confessed that you are offered not so many options to choose from, but you can benefit from the variety of colors. Cement floor paints are available in numerous colors. If you want your floor to blend in with your wall colors it's recommended to choose neutral colors. At the same time, darker colors are a more practical choice but you should understand that they won't conceal dirt and grime. The color that shows dust the most is certainly black, but few people stop on this color.

If you're making the color choice for a room that needs good lighting, it's better to choose the color that tends to reflect light rather than to absorb it. Thus, bright colors are better for a kitchen. By the way, it's always a good idea to use a solid color rather than a mix. Some modern people decide to decorate the cement floors with definite designs and patterns by using the mixture of flakes and cement floor paint itself. As a result, you'll get an original effect.