BHO: It’s Pot on Steroids

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November 20, 2013
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November 25, 2013
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BHOBHO. What is it?

Well, it is gaining in popularity especially amongst heavy pot smokers. BHO is butane hash oil. What is butane hash oil? Well it is a potent marijuana concentrate that is also known as dabs, honey oil, wax, oil, shatter, or budder. This potent concentrated “ganja” can exceed 80% THC content, taking the term “baked” or “stoned” to a whole ‘nother level. 

In the past few years, BHO has been hailed by some as “the future of cannabis” while others are worried that it could ruin pot’s reputation as capable of being legal. 

According to one avid pot smoker, “It’s like the first time you smoked. Every single time.”

So hows BHO made? 

BHO is made by either one:

Packing a stainless steel tube with marijuana and spraying or blasting the tube with butane which extracts the THC. The result is a thick, yellow orange-ish oil that you would then let trickle into a pan. And guess what? Surprise, surprise, this method of extracting THC can be highly dangerous. There have been increasing reports of incidents and explosions across the US caused by clumsy (cough, cough, most likely stoned) people trying to make hash oil.


The other way to make BHO is a tad bit safe and uses a machine called a butane oil extractor. It works similar to the first method and is also used to perform oil extraction from herbs to create perfumes. 

So whats it called when you smoke BHO?

Smoking BHO is more commonly known as “dabbing.” The reason being is that smoking BHO usually involves tapping the flame of a lighter gently to the oil and inhaling its vapors. The “dabbing paraphernalia” looks a lot like crack paraphernalia. 

Is BHO dangerous?

Um, duh. Dabbing has potential health dangers including the inhalation of dirty butane. An article/editorial in, of course, High Times Magazine claims that BHO is quadruple refined or better and is suitable for ingestion. However, the truth is, there is no way of knowing what the purity of BHO is. 

Another risk associated with dabbing on a little BHO is that you could ingest contaminants that have been infused into the oil during the extraction process. This means ingesting, potentially, herbicides, and fungi. If the contaminants are on the weed in its normal plant form, then it may also be in the oil. 

The people who are green for ganja, pro pot, supporters of getting stoned, are divided on dabbing. There have been a lot of recent hospitalizations due to cannabis overdose. What? Yeah. And it is attributed to the use of BHO. Dale Gieringer, PhD of NORML in California, says,”The dangers are dire enough to merit a special warning.”  Other pro pot people are worried that BHO could harm weed’s rep. And this bad rap could set back the legalization movement years. This is especially troubling to them since the acceptance of pot is at an all time high. 

And then you have this guy who praises the many benefits of BHO:

Others, however, praise BHO’s medical merits. Daniel “Big D” de Sailles, a partner at Denver dispensary Top Shelf Extracts, tells the High Times it’s practically a miracle remedy. “I’m a 100% proponent of BHO, because I’ve seen it make people’s pain just evaporate,” he says. “As medicine, it helps with both harm reduction—it practically cures withdrawal symptoms in people who are alcoholics or addicted to speed or pharmaceuticals— and pain management. It works every single time, and it’s easier to regulate your dosage.”