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Bernese Mountain Temperament and Lifespan

Bernese Mountain Dog is very clever and independent that allows them to quickly assimilate the necessary skills which owners want. In the process of training there should not be too much pressure on the dog or yelling. These dogs are friendly to children, especially if grown with them. Nevertheless leave your dog unattended with unfamiliar children is not recommended. Mountain Dog is very hostile to outsiders - as it provided them with a hefty popularity among those for whom the dog is primarily a watchman. Indoor Mountain Dog behaves much less active than in the open air. These dogs, unlike other mastiffs, do not tend to bark wildly at the slightest pretext.

This charming large dog sometimes is extremely shy and differs with its timid character. Bernese Mountain Dog loves all family members, but really tied to the one master. These dogs are easy to train; in addition, they are very tolerant of other animals. Bernese mountain dog loves to play with children; it likes to ride them when they are harnessed to the cart.

How Much Does a Bernese Mountain Cost and Price Range

The cost for this breed of dogs varies from $400 to $800. The cost depends on the place you are going to buy the pet and the breeder. Before buying the pet, you should find out who were his parents and to check the necessary documents about the pedigree of your pet.

Bernese Mountain Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

The dogs are long-haired, with a tricolor color, strong and agile working dogs, of above medium size, with strong bone structure; and harmoniously proportioned. It has a representative, very imposing appearance, loyal to the others, it is not very aggressive, but still it is a great guard.

Farmers in Switzerland called this breed "four-eyed" for the presence of bright circular marks on the superciliary arches. This gives them a special charm! The dogs weigh about 36-50 depending on the sex of the animal.

Bernese Mountain Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

Most Bernese Mountain Dogs in the case of animals correspond to the notion of average temperament. In its youth the dog is more alive. Restless by nature, producing the impression of "nervous", animals are extremely rare. Bernese dogs have an average need for movement. They spend quietly in one place a significant part of the day.

But alone they are closely watching everything that is happening in their surroundings and react accordingly. More often than restless, there are very sluggish, stolid animals, sustained or not responding to stimuli from the surrounding environment. This is the problem of older dogs which are overfed and obese.