Prescription Drug Intervention

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October 23, 2013
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October 25, 2013

prescription drug interventionPrescription drug abuse has turned into a problem of epic proportions. And while the prescription drug abuse is worrying enough there is the high number of overdoses associated with it that is even more disturbing. Primary care doctors, internal medicine doctors and dentists prescribe most prescription drugs. Roughly 20% of prescribers prescribe 80% of all the prescription painkillers. And what is the problem with this? Well, almost all overdoses involving prescription drugs come from prescriptions originally.

How do you know if someone has prescription drug problem and if so, what do you do from there?

It can be really hard if someone you know is abusing prescription drugs, to get them help. This is because they think their prescription drug abuse is ok because the drugs are “prescribed.” And while this may be the case if their prescription drug use is normal if its not, there are too many risks to ignore it.

Here are some signs of prescription drug abuse:

  • Stealing, forging or selling prescriptions
  • Taking higher doses than prescribed
  • Excessive mood swings or hostility
  • Increase or decrease in sleep
  • Poor decision making
  • Appearing to be high, unusually energetic or revved up, or sedated
  • Continually “losing” prescriptions, so more prescriptions must be written
  • Seeking prescriptions from more than one doctor

If you think someone you know may be abusing prescription drugs it may be time for a prescription drug abuse intervention. A prescription drug abuse intervention is very effective because most people who are addicted to prescription drugs are in denial about their drug use. Because what they are getting high off of is medicinal they think it is ok for some reason and often times it will take more than you or a loved one to break through them. Hiring someone to facilitate a prescription drug intervention could be the difference in between breaking through denial and letting your loved one potentially die of an overdose or continue using. Prescription drug interventionists are available to help you set up a plan of action so you dont’ have to see your loved one ever nod out at the dinner table again, with cigarette burns in their shirt, or pinpoint pupils. 

A prescription drug intervention will allow you and your loved ones to sit down with a certified expert interventionist that can help explain to your loved one the damage they  have been causing you and themselves. With this kind of approach. By sitting down with them and getting real, hopefully, the addict in your life will decide to get help. If not then at least they can’t lie to themselves about what they are doing anymore.

If you want to set up a prescription drug intervention please don’t hesitate to call Addiction Intervention Now. We have certified interventionist on stand by to help you with your addicted loved one right now.