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September 25, 2013
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October 14, 2013
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Professional Intervention Support

Ivan Baker, Professional Interventions in South Florida

Many of us have tried to intervene on our loved ones when they have been in the depths of their addiction.  I cannot begin to tell you how many Mothers, Fathers, Wives, Ivan BakerHusbands and various other loved ones of addicts and alcoholics I have spoken to that have told me stories of failed attempts to speak to their loved ones or perform an intervention by themselves.  This is why when you want to perform an intervention, it is important that you seek outside help from an interventionist. 

Interventionists specialize in planning appropriate treatment plans and facilitating interventions as well as aftercare.  Interventionists also educate family members and provide support and guidance to them throughout the intervention process.  Interventionists will teach loved ones how to perform an intervention with their guidance.  It is important that the interventionist is present during this time to act as a buffer between all parties that are present.

When I perform an intervention with a family, I make sure to have each participant make a list of what they would like to say to their loved one; such as how the alcoholic and or addicts use has affected their life.  I then go over with each participant what they are going to say.  When we perform an intervention we want to make sure that the alcoholic and or addict is not going to feel attacked.  It is very important that all parties in the intervention process feel safe.  Interventions are known to save many lives, what family members have to say is very important, so making sure your message is heard in a loving manner is a must. 

The next step when performing an intervention is to make a list of consequences if his or her actions continue and he or she does not seek the help offered.  It is important to break the vicious cycle of enabling.  Never say anything you do not mean; if you cannot follow through with something do not say it.  We will then set up a plan for treatment and hold the intervention.  If the alcoholic and or addict decide they would not like to take the help that is offered it is important that the family stands their ground, does not continue to enable the alcoholic and addict and holds true to the consequences that were set in place. 

If your family is looking for professional intervention support for a loved one call Addiction Intervention Now today!  Help is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week! (866) 683 8833