What to Not Do During an Alcohol Intervention

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September 9, 2013
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September 13, 2013
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How to Perform an Intervention

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It is usually a good idea when holding an alcohol intervention to have a professional, such as an interventionist present.  Interventionists are trained addiction professionals ththat handle these types of cases for a living.  It is not always mandatory to have an interventionist present when holding an alcohol intervention, but it is advised to have one there or to speak with one before moving forward with holding an alcohol intervention on your own.

When holding an alcohol intervention for a loved one it is very important to never try to do it alone.  During an alcohol intervention, a group of the alcoholics closest supporters will be gathered together to let them know how their drinking has been affecting each of their lives.  During this time some may share letters, or personal experiences that have deeply hurt them.  It is important to remember to make sure that each person gets a chance to speak and that everyone is not talking over one another.

The alcohol intervention should be held in a safe and neutral area where all parties will feel safe and secure.  If everyone doesn’t feel safe in their surroundings it will conflict with the flow of the intervention.  It is important to remember to not yell or scream.  If people start raising their voices try and quiet everyone back down.  Remember the reason you are holding the alcohol intervention, to help your loved one not to beat them down even farther.  If the intervention does not go the way in which you hoped it would go, do not get discouraged.  It may take sitting down with your alcoholic loved one on more than one occasion for them to see that they have a problem.

It is also important that during this time you set up boundaries; lines that you refuse your loved one to cross with you anymore.  Let them know for example that you will not be supporting their behavior by providing a roof over their head any longer if they would like to continue to drink, but if they decide they want help and you see a change over a certain period of time them they could come home.

Interventions save many lives daily. If you know someone who is in desperate need of intervention support or help, do not hesitate, pick up the phone and call Intervention Now today to talk to one of our professional interventionists.  (866) 683 8833