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August 24, 2013
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August 28, 2013
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Family Support for Drug and Alcohol Abuse

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Family interventions can be one of the most effect tools in getting an alcoholic or addict to seek help for their substance abuse.  Whether they alcohol-intervention-300x199have been resistant to seeking help or they have been blind to the fact that they have problem, by utilizing a family intervention the chances of the alcoholic or addict seeking help is fairly high.  When those closest to them express their concerns; the changes they have seen,  as well as how their behavior is affecting the family it can greatly help to open up the alcoholic and addicts eyes to what they have been doing. 

Before a family intervention takes place, the family is asked to write down how they have been affected by their loved one.  During the actual family intervention each member of the family is asked to go around and read their letter, or describe how they have been affected by their loved ones drug and or alcohol abuse.  Family members will also express during this time how much they love and care for their sick family member.  A family intervention is not just a time to put down the struggling alcoholic or addict.  The purpose is to let them know how they are affecting others by their behaviors; that they are still loved and that help is available. 

Those involved in family interventions are also urged to provide ultimatums.  For example if their loved one does not accept the offer to go to treatment  and decides to continue using that they are to no longer contact their family, and they will no longer be given any type of financial support.  If an agreement is made for treatment, other boundaries will be set up such as family members letting their loved one know what they are and are not willing to accept in their lives anymore. 

Family interventions are usually facilitated by an interventionist who specializes in facilitating all types of interventions.  Interventionists are highly trained in working with alcoholics and addicts and most have had their own personal experiences which they use to help when facilitating an intervention.  Saul Kane CNDAI, Addiction Intervention Specialist for Addiction Intervention Now says that “When working with families and their loved ones I make sure to share my own personal experience of what it was like before I got sober.  I also share what it is like today; I have a great relationship with my family and my son.  Everyone needs hope.”     

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