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August 3, 2013
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August 10, 2013
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Prescription Drug Abuse

Admitting You Need Help

The hardest thing one has to do is to admit that they are in need of help for a substance abuse problem.  For those struggling with dependency issues this is the first step in the road to reeffects-of-addictioncovery.  Next, is to follow whatever directions are given to them by the person or persons that they have sought out help from and then take the action in doing what has been suggested.  In today’s world more people then we think are affected by drug and alcohol dependency.  People that we may least expect.  It has been estimated that 20 percent of people in the United States have used prescription drugs for non-medical reasons.  With prescription pills being so readily available many people don’t believe they have a problem, or that they are abusing these drugs because they have been prescribed them.  Just because you have a prescription does not mean that you are not an addict, or that you are not abusing your medication.

What people fail to realize is that taking more than the recommended dose, doctor shopping (going to more than one doctor for your prescription throughout the month), selling your prescription to make money, and buying what you had been prescribed in the past off the street are all addictive behaviors.  In order for someone to admit they have a substance abuse problem and are in need of help, they must be able to see the big picture, the problem at hand; this is where drug addiction interventions are helpful. 

Often times a loved one does not want to hear what their family has to say to them.  When they are living in their disease they cannot hear much of anything.  Drug addiction interventions are held to allow family members to speak to their loved ones with an Interventionist present.  Drug addiction interventions allow a common ground for the drug dependent person and the family to meet and discuss the concerns that everyone may be having.  During the drug addiction intervention a treatment plan is put into place if the drug dependent person is willing to receive the help being offered.   

A drug addiction intervention may also just consist of the Interventionist sharing his or her experiences with the drug dependent person.  Saul Kane, CNDAI, Addiction Intervention Specialist says “if you just take the time to relate, to let them know that you understand, that you have been there…it helps.  We have all felt like no one understands.  All people want is someone to understand them.  I always share what it was like for me.  I had nothing.  Now I have a beautiful life.  All people need is a little hope, that someone else has achieved what they think to be the impossible.” 

Drug addiction interventions save lives.  If you or someone you know is in need of help call Intervention Now (866) 683-8833… what are you waiting for?