7 Reasons New Jersey Sucks and How You Can Get Out

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April 10, 2014
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236_special_feature_flashYou don’t know what you are missing out on. And you are probably just as messed up as everyone says you are, so you can’t see past your disease right at this second. But we are here to tell you there is life outside of New Jersey. There is life after your addiction. The beast can be beaten and subdued. You don’t have to live like this anymore. Get out of the hell hole, and you know it is, that is New Jersey and come be happy. Here are the 7  reasons New Jersey is a hell hole, and also the way you can get out:

1. The Weather: You’re used to it right and it’s not so bad. Frigid weather from August to May. It snows so much that those wealthy enough to leave do. And yet it’s great right?! Don’t you think there is a reason that so many people from New Jersey come to South Florida during the winter and stay for as long as possible? Well, it’s because New Jersey’s weather sucks. And guess what, if you are an addict, you don’t have to be wealthy to come hit the sunny beaches of south Florida. All you have to do is decide you don’t want to live in the doom and gloom that is the majority of New Jersey’s weather as well as your addiction. Come get a tan and know what it’s like for it to be 75 and sunny all the time. You won’t want to go back to Jersey, we promise. Think bikinis, flip flops, sunshine, and sobriety. If you want to stay where you are shooting heroin that’s fine but you are seriously missing out. Yeah, missing out. Missing out on stuff like, sunshine, beaches, tans from the real sun (the one in the sky not in the beds), and just overall happiness. 

2. Your Job (If You Have One): It’s not that they are bad jobs. It is just that there are so few options available to you. This is especially true if you are addicted to the ridiculously potent and pure heroin. Casino worker? Firefighter? Well those jobs are good, but is it really what you want to do or is it what is available to you? And is it even available to you if you happen to be shooting heroin. Honestly, it is possible to have the job you want that creates passion. It is possible to wake up every day and enjoy going to work. It is possible to love what you do. And it is possible to have a job. You just have to get the fuck out of New Jersey. Come see what you are capable of, because we guarantee it’s more than what you think. 

3. Everyone is so angry (Probably because they know New Jersey sucks): Only God knows why everyone is so rushed and angry in New Jersey. Whether they know it or not it probably has something to do with the fact that New Jersey sucks and their subconscious knows it. And the cycle of angry, rushed people just perpetuates the rush and the anger more. There is no escaping it or changing it. BUT! Believe it or not there are places that aren’t like this. There are places, where you can slow down. Where as soon as you step outside, you don’t tense up, you actually relax. Getting up in the morning is a pleasure and is a sigh of relief. If you are on drugs and in New Jersey you probably don’t know this feeling, and we are sorry that you don’t. You can, and as of right now you are missing out. Break the cycle, come know what it’s like to smile.

4. The recovery sucks as much as New Jersey does: In other places, and especially  down here (where you aren’t) people go to meetings to meet awesome friends and help other addicts. In New Jersey, people go to meetings to get another connect. The recovery in New Jersey is not comparable to the recovery in south Florida. We have a slew of amazing young people who are doing big things with their sober life. We have fun. We don’t get high, we don’t get drunk and we are living it up. In New Jersey if meetings are a drag, that kind of sucks. That isn’t how meetings should be.  Meeting should be funny, full of support, and love. If you are missing out on this, maybe you should leave New Jersey. 

5. You know at least one person who has died from a drug overdose: Believe it or not, this doesn’t have to be the case. Someone dying every month, every year, or every week, for most people is not a common occurrence. We kind of get it though, because we are addicts too and when you are in that kind of lifestyle it becomes normal. Even when you get sober it still happens. But it doesn’t have to happen as often, and there doesn’t have to be the constant risk of it being you or your friend that you are with anymore. Getting out of New Jersey and getting sober will allow you to help the friends that have been where you have been. You have no idea how many people we know that we have brought down to south Florida who end up saving their friend’s life by bringing them down here as well. And now they get to hang out sober and happy together in sunny south Florida, successful, and healthy.

6. The best is not even good in New Jersey (You’re just jaded): You’ve never experienced anything better than what New Jersey has to offer so you aren’t to blame for this. But not being up for trying something else out, kind of is your own doing. You are under the false belief that that is how life goes, however it is going in New Jersey. You are unaware that life could be anything different and more importantly better than what it is right now. It is kind of like you’re drowning and you don’t even know you’re underwater. There is a reason that people who leave New Jersey, don’t come back, or don’t want to. New Jersey doesn’t offer anything worthwhile and they finally realize the world is this great big place that can offer everything, including happiness and awesome sobriety.

7. It Doesn’t Offer Sobriety: New Jersey especially does not offer sobriety. For addicts this reason is especially true. You may think that you are stuck in the life you are living right now. If you are telling yourself that, you are lying to yourself.  You are not stuck, you are not trapped, and you don’t have to stay! We are telling you the exact opposite. You may not be able to change the fact that you were born in Jersey, but you can change the fact that you will die in Jersey. There is more to life. You aren’t trapped. You can get out. There are so many of us that did and we have no desire to go back. Life is so good. And as you sit here reading this blog, nothing for you will be different, but for us, for those of us who made the decision to leave New Jersey our entire lives are different. We are sober, we have jobs we love, we have amazing friends, we live less than 5 miles from the beach, we travel, we take vacations around the world, we get to go back to New Jersey for short visits and good food, but then we get to come back to our amazing life which was something we didn’t even know existed stuck in the abyss that is an addiction in New Jersey. Don’t stay jaded. At least come find out what we are talking about. If we are bullshitting you, you can always go back. Jersey, is not going anywhere and as of right now, unless you do something, you aren’t either.  Come be a part of something important. Come help other addicts and help yourself!

Wanna know how you get out? We can tell you. And it is easy. You take some action. If you want fill out the form below. If you don’t want to do that, we have a different form, just shoot us a message on that. If you would rather talk to someone directly call us. We can help you get out of New Jersey. We did it ourselves. We are sober, happy, and free. What are you right now?

It is time to do something different. But that means you actually have to do something. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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