The Recovery Capital May Be No More: Sober Living Homes May Require Registration

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February 5, 2014
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sober living homesDelray Beach, or South Florida in particular is a hub of sober living homes, treatment centers, detox facilities, and 12 step meetings. But that may not be the case anymore, especially for the sober living homes. According to a new bill being written up by The Florida House of Representatives, all sober living homes will have to undergo a registration annually. The bill will prohibit a sober house transitional living home from operating in the state of Florida without a valid certificate of registration from the Department of Children and Families. It will require the operator or manager of the sober house to apply for a certificate of registration with the department. It also will require a background screening of any and all persons who are running the sober living home. This will require the state to suspend and reinstate certain certificates under certain circumstances. 

And this isn’t the entire extent of the bill. The bill also goes on to state specifically what kind of things a sober living environment should provide. As well as stating that the sober living home has to abide by the normal eviction procedures that someone would go through if they were living in an apartment or rented property. The bill explains how a sober living home can advertise stating that it has to have its registration number appear on ads, it has to provide name and physical address, the number of individuals who can stay there, and also sober living homes must not have a registration fee that exceeds 200 dollars. 

And if you know anything about South Florida’s sober living homes, you know that first off, the majority of them aren’t registered in this way, and second that the managers or operators are often recovered addicts themselves and couldn’t pass a background screening. Which leaves us with this question. What next? It probably is a good thing this bill is being passed with the unbelievable amount of sober living homes that are less than legitimate and even dangerous to be in. Addiction kills and the wrong environment could mean relapse and death for the addict who doesn’t have quality care.

Will this be the end of the recovery hub we know to be South Florida? It is almost certain that a majority of the sober living homes will have to shut down and with less sober living homes that means less addicts coming to this area to find recovery. And if that happens, well, we might just not be the bustling group of black sheep we always were. 

In South Florida it is not uncommon to run into an addict in recovery at the grocery store, or even walking down the street. They are easy to spot, and quite frankly, everywhere. You can  usually tell who they are by the energy drinks they have in their hands or the fact that they are walking with suitcases dragging behind them. Either way, this new bill may leave many addicts and alcoholics without a place to stay once they complete treatment and it may end up sending many of them back to the one place they probably shouldn’t go after a mere 30 day stint in drug treatment. Or maybe, just maybe, it will weed out the sick and illegitimate homes that are just operating for money and actually provide everyone with high quality sober living experiences. Who knows?

What is your experience with sober living homes? Have you found them to be unprofessional? Do you think this bill will hurt or help the recovery capital? Call us, chat with us, let us know your thoughts. If you need help we are here. If you have had an awful experience with a sober house that has been less than top notch we can get you out of there and provide you with options of credible and reliable sober living homes. Maybe you had a terrible experience and need to tell someone. Call us now! We can help! We are here to listen. We want to hear what you have to say so we can make sure no one has a bad experience again! 


You can find the entire bill here: Sober Living Home Bill