Justin Bieber’s Plane Searched for Marijuana

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January 31, 2014
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In this file photo, Justin Bieber appears at a police station in connection with an alleged criminal assault on Jan. 29, 2014 in Toronto, Canada. Jag Gundu/Getty Images

He was probably heading towards New Jersey for the Super Bowl but he isn’t right now. Justin Bieber’s private plane was stopped and held at Teterboro Airport this afternoon for suspicion that marijuana was on board, sources confirmed.

The sources said Bieber was on the plane that was held on the Tamarac. The plane arrived Friday just before 3pm from Toronto when inspectors with Customs and Border Protection thought they smelled marijuan and began a search.

Bieber was flying into the area at the same time Super Bowl weekend is taking place with various parties happening in NYC. Bieber is being interviewed and the plane may be turned around. This comes after a recent string of run-ins with law.

One run in resulted with him being put in a Miami jail for DUI and driving with a revoked license, as well as non-violent resisting arrest. Not only that but Bieber turned himself into Toronto police in connection with an alleged assault that happened last year. And his house in CA was also recently searched and prescription Xanax and molly were found. The attempts by ABC news to reach Bieber have gone unanswered.