“Marlboro M”- Marijuana Cigarettes are Fake

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marijuana cigarettesWhile it isn’t a bad idea, and while it may happen sometime in the near future, as of right now the story about the marijuana cigarettes as far as we know is a fake. The site Abril Uno, announced that Phillip Morris, the world’s biggest cigarette producer, would be introducing a new Marlboro Marijuana cigarette. The brand supposedly was going to be marketed under the brand “Marlboro M.” The article said that the cigarettes would be available for sale through marijuana licensed outlets in the state of Colorado and the state of Washington. 

Serafin Norcik, Phillip Morris’ Sr. Vice President for Marketing said in an interview that the company has been “high” on the idea of marketing cannabis and has been monitoring the market for some time. (This is a line from the article, notice the pun on the word “high.” I mean really?) The article also mentions how Serafin Norcik has been contacting former drug lords in Mexico and Paraguay, currently the largest marijuana producing countries in the world, for the possibility of setting up a distribution ring across the North and South American continents to streamline supply lines. (Do we really believe that Phillip Morris is talking to former drug lords? No.)

Supposedly, Phillip Morris had also set aside 15 billion dollars in marketing for their new ganja cigarette and was discussing marketing with major networks and publishers. Really? We all know the marijuana laws are changing, but not that rapidly and not quite to the point where advertising for recreational weed will be on primetime television or while you eat chips and dips during the Superbowl. 

Okay and if that isn’t enough to make you tilt your head about the validity of the supposed Marlboro M’s, then you should check out the tags at the bottom. The tags at the bottom of the article clearly state fake news, fictional news, satire and spoof. 

Sorry to burst your bubble but as for now there is no Marlboro M or marijuana cigarette. This article, which now has almost 500,000 shares has done well. Very well, considering it isn’t even real. 

If you want to see the fake article. You can see it here: http://abriluno.com/phillip-morris-introduces-marlboro-marijuana-cigarettes/