10 Weird Drugs You Haven’t Heard Of

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January 14, 2014
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weird drugsEvery day it seems like there is some new drug out there created by some enterprising person just looking for a way to get high. Honestly, now that I am in sobriety it can be hard to keep up with it all. I thought I had heard it all when I was out there using and that I had basically tried the majority of it. Oh how I was wrong! There are many drugs out there considered weird by even the most hardcore drinkers and drug users and here are the top 10 weird drugs you haven’t heard of.

10 Weird Drugs You Haven’t Heard Of:

Meow Meow: Meow, Meow is better known as Mephedrone and recently has been labeled as the catalyst for a man cutting his own penis off. This designer drug comes in the form of powder tablets and is allegedly made in China. Isn’t everything made in China? Sorry I had to say it. The stimulant properties of this chemical are similar to those of khat, an eastern African plant used for energy. Mephedrone was first synthesized in the late 1920s but underwent a resurgence starting in 2003 when a fun loving chemist posted the recipe for it on the Internet. Awesome. Since then it has become a HUGE deal in England where tabloid newspapers love publishing fake stories about dudes ripping their own dicks off while under the influence. 

Carbogen: A drug doesn’t have to be all complicated to be weird. In fact, carbogen contains just two ingredients: oxygen and carbon dioxide. But listen, this mixture also known as Meduna’s mixture after Ladislas Meduna, is combined in a way that gives the brain the sensation of suffocation. It was once used in psychology as a way of determining whether or not a person could handle strong psychotic medications but some people use it recreationally. Carbogen huffers report seeing waves of color coupled with a sense inner peace. Weird. 

Krokodil: You had to have known this was going to the make the list. Doing drugs has serious repercussions sometimes and Krokodil has some of the most serious ones. The synthetic morphine known as Krokodil in Russia, chemical name desomorphine, was first invented in 1932 and was used in legitimate medicine for a while before being outlawed. Recently it has resurged in Russia because it is easy to make and it is cheap. It earned the name Krokodil because of what it does to users’ skin, drying it out and making them look like scary half human, half lizard people. 

Freon: I always wonder how people manage to figure out that everyday things can get them high. Perfect example is Freon. Freon is a commonly used refrigerant and is in tons of machines but you can also use it to get seriously high. I have actually heard of kids getting kicked out halfway houses for this one. By venting a Freon tank into a plastic bag, it can be huffed. And it is potent. Freon is kind of like what moonshine is to liquor. Oh and FYI it can kill you. It can actually freeze your lungs solid or cause brain damage. 

Ayahuasca: Ayahuasca is an herbal concoction prepared from a South American vine. It has gotten more popular in recent years ever since celebrities, most notably, Courtney Love praised its properties. Weird enough for ya? The vine is brewed into a tea with leaves from shrubs containing a psychedelic compound known as DMT. Users say that it gives you hallucinations, and life changing. It also can cause vomiting and explosive diarrhea. So just weigh your options here. 

Scopolamine: Many of the drugs we have mentioned have been used in medicine and scopolamine is no different. In fact, scopolamine is still on the market and used for treating things like motion sickness or seasickness. Astronauts even use it. But of course it is used in very small doses. Scopolamine in large doses has a powerful and often disturbing hallucinogenic effect. In Colombia, where it is used often, it is called “devils breath,” and is often used to dose victims as it makes users incredibly passive and pliable. Once dosed, the scopolamine victim zombies will happily empty their bank accounts, perform sexual favors or whatever else they are asked to do. 

Benzo Fury: The lab name for this is 6-APB. Benzo Fury is a synthetic stimulant similar in composition to MDA that is still legal to manufacture and purchase in some countries. It is sold over the Internet as a research drug which means that manufacturers don’t tell you how to use it. Effects include feelings of happiness and love towards others. It is basically ecstasy but it is legal. Unfortunately, it has also been connected with multiple deaths. The danger with drugs like these are that they are created in private labs and not tested so their long term effects are totally unknown. 

Diisopropyltryptamine: One of the most interesting things about hallucinogenic drugs is how they affect the brain in different ways. A cool example is diisopropyltryptamine, which acts almost exclusively on your sense of hearing. Users report that when you first drop it, sounds start to seem flanged or shifted downwards, and the more you do, the lower the pitch seems to drop. That’s pretty much the only thing it does, although some people report loss of balance and equilibrium.

I-Dosing: I did not leave the best for last in this blog. In fact I did the opposite and saved the most retarded for last.  Unlike all of the other drugs on this list, there’s no physical component to I-dosing: you get high just by listening to MP3 files. The science behind this isn’t actually all that crazy — you can certainly stimulate different parts of your brain with audio signals — but claiming that listening to lousy trance music can perfectly simulate the effect of shooting up heroin is totally absurd. The manufacturer claims that his tracks use “binaural beats” to affect mental performance, but no scientist will back him up. I-dosing did make for some pretty hilarious local news stories when parents freaked out and confiscated a bunch of MP3 players, though.

Jenkem: Now jenkem for the most part is a myth although I am sure there are those people who believed the myth and tried it. Jenkem is a fermented mixture of ripened sewage used primarily in Africa and third-world Near Asian countries as a glue-high substitute. It is mainly made from, based on the stories and rumors, shit, poop, fecal matter, your bowel movements. You then put that in a bag and then huff it. Supposedly to get high. Who knows? I wouldn’t do it, first because I am sober, second because it is just nasty sounding. 


And that is it. If you know any weird drugs let us know!