Why You Need to Recover from Addiction

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December 20, 2013
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December 29, 2013
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recover from addictionEvery addict has the same story. While it may vary in location, the drugs used, the way the drugs were bought, how the drugs were used, and how much of the substance was consumed; it essentially is all the same. We all know that feeling in the pit of our stomachs. The one that caused us the most immense amount of pain. The pain that in certain moments, when were alone, would cause us to break down, scream at ourselves, and actually for a second stop and wonder what the hell we were doing with our lives. Addiction was our cross. And in some ways it still is.

For the person who isn’t an addict, they always wonder why we do it and for us it is the question of why wouldn’t we do it? And that is what kept us using. The idea that life, regardless of how bad things were starting to look on the outside, was worth it for the way we would get to feel inside, even for a brief fucking second. Every day we were just trying to get by; just trying to make it through the world that seemed to have it figured out way better than we did. Drugs and alcohol did their job.

What the outside world saw, couldn’t see the brief few seconds of peace we would get on the inside. And then something happened. Peace slowly started happening fewer and farther between drinks, shots, filled needles, and little baggies. And then all of a sudden we didn’t even know what peace was anymore. It stopped coming around at all, even though we were adding more dope in the spoon, drinking more shots of liquor and doing more lines of coke, peace had disappeared and we couldn’t find her anywhere.

And it is in the absence of peace that all of us got the chance to find it. Most of us who are in recovery, finally had a moment of clarity around in this agonizing absence of peace, feeling, and pretty much anything. Empty, void, without, we realized we had to do something different. And while we didn’t know it, couldn’t feel it through the immense pain, and we couldn’t see past the idea that we had no soul anymore; the fact that we felt so empty meant we still had a soul and that it could be filled to the brim. There was hope still. Even after all of this, there was something inside of us that was light and that wanted better, it wanted more, and it wanted to shine. The addict in their addiction is still a spiritual being having a human experience. And that spiritual being inside of us is what we tapped into when we started to recover.

And here is why you need to recover from addiction. You are not hopeless, you are not alone, and that peace that the drugs and alcohol used to give you can be found elsewhere; it can be found in recovery. Peace is provided in many different forms, unfortunately drugs and alcohol were just so easy for so long but peace from drugs and alcohol is counterfeit.

AND you didn’t read the fine print, the drugs and alcohol would eventually be the ball and chain on your soul and they would stop working after they threw away the key to the prison that had developed around you. Luckily, souls can’t be chained down. Luckily, souls can’t be imprisoned.

Why You Need to Recover from Addiction

You are an amazing human being. You have light inside of yourself. You have so much to offer the world. And that is why you need to recover from addiction. You have the potential to help other addicts and alcoholics. You have the ability to have a smile that is connected to the happiness in your heart and it just radiates.

Life doesn’t have to be a constant struggle to get rid of the pain. What kind of life would that be anyways? Life can be about living, not just surviving. That’s another reason to recover from addiction. In our active addiction all were trying to do survive, how about we live our lives everyday instead of just try to survive through them? This is possible.

You are a unique individual with a heart no one has gotten to truly know. Let yourself recover from addiction and let the world, let us, get to know your heart. Let us get to know who you really are. Let us find out what you are really afraid of and help you conquer it. Let us find out what it is like when you really laugh, maybe you snort when you laugh? Maybe your nose crinkles? Let us show you what it means to have real friends. Come recover from addiction and find the meaning of unconditional love. Let people see your ugly because we are going to love you anyways.

All of these are reasons why you need to recover from addiction. And there is one more. The reason you need to recover from addiction is because you are worth it. You have something to offer the world and you have something to offer the person who is going to need your help to recover as well.

It is time.

Break free from your addiction. Get help now. Cause if you don’t do it now, then when?