The Truth About Drug Overdose That No One Ever Tells You

The Real Family After Addiction: Addiction Intervention News By Ivan Baker
December 12, 2013
How to Stop Using Drugs
December 18, 2013
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drug overdose

Drug overdose. It is something that is happening right at this second. All over the country there are addicts blowing lines of coke. They are popping handfuls of pills. They are finishing off their last few sips of liquor. They are putting needles filled with dope in their arms for the first time, and quite possibly for the last time. Everywhere, sons, daughters, mothers, and fathers are spending their last breaths in and out, in an desperate attempt to just simply make the pain go away. And where are you? What are you doing?

Drug overdose is real.

It is happening in YOUR neighborhood right now. Mother’s are getting those calls that their child is dead, daughters are prostituting themselves in order to pay for the substance that will kill them physically; already dead inside.

It is time we told the truth about drug overdose. It is time that we all get together and finally admit the sad fact that we have all sat back and done nothing. We have all sat back and allowed addiction to grow. We have allowed people to die wondering why they just couldn’t fucking stop using. And the why, while it is because they have a disease, has more to do with our ignorance and laziness as a society. It has more to do with the underlying truth, which is that one too many people in this country and around the world still believe the drug addict or alcoholic deserves what is coming them. One too many people in this country, don’t think it’s a big fucking deal. And one too many people think that there is nothing that you can do.

People. Human beings. People. Human beings. Do I need to say it again?

Because addicts are not just addicts they are people and human beings. And they are dying. There is no War on Drugs, there is a war on people and it is singlehandedly happening to every addict across the country that doesn’t understand why they can’t stop, it is happening to every addict around the world that would rather blow themselves into oblivion rather than just face reality.

These PEOPLE have a disease.

Drug overdoses, for far too long now, have been happening under the radar. What we need are people who care. What we need is a movement. What we need is action. What we need are people who realize that while they may not change the whole world, they may actually change one person’s view of it, by allowing them to take a breath for one more day.

Where are you in all of this? Are you sitting there thinking that it can’t happen to you and your family? Are you sad for the families? Are you thinking that they deserve it? Do you just ignore this EPIDEMIC entirely until a celebrity dies? Are you sad that your Glee show is different because Cory Monteith died? Well, what about the fact that entire families are different, because of something like addiction? C’mon people. Wake up. 

It is time for drug overdose to come to an end. It is time for people to recognize that the disease of addiction is winning this war. It is time for people to see that the disease of addiction has been winning for a long time. And it is time that we start to gather on the battle lines. It is time that we try to make a difference and fight back. So how do you make a difference?


We are doing our part and stepping up. We have created this company specifically to keep this from happening. We created this company to, one by one, take the needle out of the addict’s arm, to smash the liquor bottle and to give hurting people an idea of what it feels like to feel joy again.

It is time to step up. Will you do it now? And if not now, when?