5 Pieces of Advice from Your Interventionist

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November 7, 2013
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advice from interventionistYour interventionist, you know, the person who will help you or your loved one get into treatment so you can finally put the disease of addiction behind you, is more than just an interventionist. Your interventionist will kind of be like your guide, if you will. They will offer you support, tough love, safety and also ways to stay accountable. They will be there for you every step of the way, through the entire process, and even after. Here is some of the best advice our interventionists have to offer you. Here are 5 pieces of advice from your interventionist:

1. Stop talking because you don’t know: This may seem harsh but the truth is if you are going to treatment, it is because you haven’t figured out how to stay sober and you need to listen to how to do that, not talk about what you already know. Because what you already know hasn’t really been working out for you so far. If it had, you wouldn’t had needed an interventionist in the first place to tell you to stop talking about what you already know. 

2. Follow instructions: Following instructions instead of following what you think you know is going to be paramount to you staying sober. People who just do whatever they want in treatment or detox don’t usually stay sober. Learning to follow instructions, because the instructions are always for your benefit, will be something that is totally paramount for you to do. So just be quiet and do what your told. No seriously. If you want to stay sober you will do that. 

3. Don’t worry about the outside things: Outside things would be the stuff like your car, your house, your boyfriend or girlfriend, your job, and honestly even your family right now. You need to be in treatment learning everything you can so you can stay sober for the long haul. Staying sober is absolutely paramount to the outside things working out. The outside things won’t work if you don’t get sober and stay sober first and foremost. So worry about the outside things after you are done worrying about your sobriety. 

4. Everyone wants to see you get better: It isn’t surprising if you think everyone is out to get you or even punish by making you go to treatment and having an intervention to stop your drug use. But this just isn’t the case. Your interventionist, family, friends and even people who may not really know you, like the staff at the detox or treatment center want to see you get better. Your addiction can end up killing you and almost did. The whole point of everything is to make sure you get better and get to live life to the fullest instead of chained to drugs and alcohol. Don’t ever think anyone is just out to get you.

5. Surrender and trust the process: Surrender means just giving up. And honestly being in a place of giving up is when change starts to happen. You no longer will want to do it your way. Instead you will trust the process and do it the way the process should be done. Surrender and trusting the process means just doing what you need to do regardless what you think. Many addicts and alcoholics wont surrender and will try to do what they think instead of just taking the right action. They get tripped up here and don’t stay sober. Take this advice and just give it up. You have no idea what you are doing and that is OK!

These are the 5 pieces of advice from your interventionist and they are paramount to you staying sober. If you take these 5 pieces of advice from you interventionist chances are you will be on much better footing not only entering into treatment but also upon leaving treatment. 

Get sober and stay sober friends!