Are Interventionists the Same as Therapists?

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November 15, 2013
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interventionistsInterventionists may seem like therapists but they aren’t. For some people they could be better than therapists and for others with serious mental health disorders definitely not. Interventionists aren’t trying to figure out what your mommy and daddy issues are they are merely trying to help you battle the disease of addiction. They are kind of like knights in shining armor, come to save you from a life threatening illness that is addiction. More often than not, an interventionist is a recovered addict or alcoholic also so they also know what you are up against. While they can’t prescribe medication and they aren’t trying to figure out what your “triggers” of the day are, why you used stemming back to when you were 4 years old, or are talking to you about that resentment against your mom from when you are 8; they do a lot of good and here is how.

How an Interventionist is Different From a Therapist

1. They tell it like it is: Therapists sometimes can talk around what is actually going on instead of getting right into the nitty gritty. And this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We aren’t saying therapists aren’t needed. The reason therapists do this is because they are trying to learn more about you from a psychological perspective. An interventionist isn’t worried about the psychological perspective, well they are, but they first and foremost want you to find the solution that will give you your life back. The psychological stuff can come up with the therapist. An interventionist is there to help you stay sober. Although they have some pretty damn good life advice to give too.

2. More than likely, they are recovered addicts too: Chances are your therapist won’t be in recovery (sometimes they are) in fact it is becoming more common for therapists to be in recovery but a majority of the time, your interventionist has had to battle with an addiction themselves and they get what you are going through. Interventionists know exactly what it is like to be where you are and they will be real with you about how to get better, what worked for them, and what the next right step is. They aren’t doing this to diagnose you with anything just simply to see you recover from addiction.

3. Interventionists can’t give out diagnosis: While interventionist can’t give out diagnosis what they do know is if you are suffering from addiction. They also know how to get out of addiction. No matter what comes up in life they have got your back. An interventionist can’t diagnose you but they can help  you with any life stuff. They are kind of like a best friend, support, brother or sister, fellow addict in recovery, and spiritual guide all rolled into one. 

Interventionists and therapists often work together to get addicts and alcoholics the help they need but there is a huge difference between what the therapist does and what the interventionist does. The therapist finds the past and present issues and the interventionist breaks through the addiction.