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October 25, 2013
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florida intervention servicesIn a place known as the “Pill Mill Capital” and is also home to the “Recovery Capital”, it would only make sense that the state of Florida would also provide intervention services. Florida intervention services are utilized on a daily basis to not only help addicts and alcoholics get the help they need but also to help the families that may be totally overwhelmed and unprepared for dealing with their child’s recent drug addiction.

Florida intervention services are some of the best in the world, providing certified and expert interventionist to those in need. So lets talk about how Florida intervention services to do this.

When you have a loved one who is need of an intervention whether it be a crisis intervention or a direct intervention, Florida intervention services will provide you with a highly qualified and expert interventionist that will help you begin to plan the best road of action to get your sick loved one help. Your certified interventionist will sit down with you and talk about your situation. Every detail gets taken into account and then a plan of action will be formulated. Usually this plan of action looks like finding family members and loved one’s of the addict in your life and gathering them together to confront your sick family member. The hope in the end is that this gathering will break through your sick loved one’s disease and denial so that they will finally say, “Yes, I want help.”

Now lets look at the different Florida intervention services that we mentioned, the crisis intervention and the direct intervention. There are also family interventions and indirect interventions but we will leave those for another time.

Florida Intervention Services: Crisis Intervention

Crisis interventions are perfect when time is a factor; if your loved one is in immediate danger right now. This immediate danger could be danger of overdose or just a general danger to themselves or others. This is where a crisis intervention can move in quickly and pull your loved one out of the grips of their disease either through getting them to voluntarily accept help or using legal services to get them involuntary help. A crisis intervention is best described as pulling your loved one out of the grips of addiction, no questions asked.

Florida Intervention Services: Direct Intervention

With a direct intervention you can take your time. There of course is still the danger of your loved one using drugs and alcohol but it isn’t immediate, for right now. A direct intervention can be carefully planned and thought out as we mentioned before. It requires patience, some coaching and gathering together to support your sick loved one but also make them aware of the damage they have caused you and your family in the hopes that they will go to treatment. The planning of an intervention doesn’t take long but it isn’t as hurried up as a crisis intervention.

Florida intervention services are available to anyone who needs them. If you are in need of certified interventionist or Florida intervention services call us at Addiction Intervention Now to get a free assessment and to see what your options are.