Addiction Intervention

Family Interventions Turn Lives Around
February 13, 2013
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The intervention process is a challenging one for friends and family who are not sure how to approach a loved one suffering from addiction. A professional interventionist knows how to approach an addict in a way that will be effective in persuading them to get help.

An intervention is beneficial in the following ways:

  • A professional can anticipate the reactions of addicts – addicts are often unpredictable in an intervention situation, at least as far as loved ones of addicts are concerned. Having a professional there that can anticipate and diffuse a situation that arises with an addict can ensure that the result of the intervention is successful. Using an interventionist can increase the likelihood of an addict going into treatment.
  • A professional interventionist can make sure that an addict attends treatment – while family members might be prepared to state why addicts should attend treatment, they might not know how to ensure that addicts actually get there.
  • A professional acts as a neutral third party – while the intervention is taking place, sometimes having a neutral third party in the room can keep the process on track. Even in an irrational state, an addict can recognize a logical argument when they do not feel it is coming from someone who is personally attacking them.

A professional addiction interventionist will help ensure that families and friends are well-prepared for the process, and that the addict gets the necessary help.

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