The 6 Craziest Celebrity Drug Stories of 2013

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January 13, 2014
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Celebrities. What they do, coming from a drug addict standpoint really isn’t that crazy. Really the craziest part about what they do is the fact that it is done in front of thousands and even millions of people.  Fueled by money, fame, and fortune, the drug issues swirling among the rich and famous are never ending. So here are 6 of the biggest stories this past year. celebrity drug stories

Craziest Celebrity Drug Stories: It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that the first person on this list is Miley Cyrus. We all saw the VMA performance that created quite a stir. I mean c’mon, she rubbed a foam finger on her crotch and her tongue got more recognition then she did. That’s besides the point though. Two months after this controversial and twerk filled escapade at the MTV VMAs, she went even farther by lighting up a joint during her acceptance speech for Best Video at MTV’s European Music Awards in Amsterdam. She also admitted that the reference to, “dancing with molly” in her hit song “We Can’t Stop” is about the club drug.

Craziest Celebrity Drug Stories: Lady Gaga came out of the marijuana closet. Lady Gaga has long been an aficionado of weed as evidenced by her smoking a joint on stage during a 2012 concert in Amsterdam. But after suffering from a hip injury which eventually required surgery earlier this year, she admitted to smoking around 15 joints per day to help numb the pain. Gaga credits an unusual retreat which included being sent into the woods while blindfolded and being helped to find her way home, as the way she kicked her addiction. BUT, she still admits to smoking a little bit at night. She says she is now more sober than she has been in years.

crazy celebrity drug storiesCraziest Celebrity Drug Stories: Brooke Mueller has had an ongoing drug problem through out the year of 2013. Ms. Mueller’s year started out well after she scored a 250,000 dollar settlement against the Malibu rehab The Canyon. She accused The Canyon of selling personal medical info to the media while she was being treated for drug abuse. And then in May 2013 she was placed on an involuntary psychiatric hold and lost custody of her twin boys after child services feared her drug use could endanger them. After being released from the hold she immediately entered rehab, for the 20th time. Unfortunately, the most recent news is a video of Mueller smoking crack cocaine and getting 1,500 dollars worth of crystal meth. This video went viral last September.

celebrity drug storiesCraziest Celebrity Drug Stories: Oh, Amanda Bynes. Bynes had a long year. It started off with bizarre rants on her Twitter page due to her pot smoking get out of hand. Byne’s was allegedly kicked out of a gym in April for smoking weed in the locker room, then booted from a Ritz Carlton hotel last July for smoking weed in the room. She was also arrested for possession of marijuana and reckless endangerment after throwing a bong out of her 37th story window. The police showed up and this charge landed her with a mandatory psychiatric hold. It turned out Amanda Bynes didn’t only have adrug abuse problem though, she was also suffering from mental health issues. She was recently released from a Malibu treatment center after being placed on an involuntary psychiatric hold in July for setting fire to a driveway in Los Angeles. She has been diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Craziest Celebrity Drug Stories: Lamar Odom, former NBA player, and current crack smoker. Lamar Odom was arrested for a DUI last August which was just one piece of a whole puzzle of trouble. Rumors swirled that Odom was abusing crack cocaine when he went missing for 72 hours after Khloe Kardashian booted him out of the house for his drug habits. He briefly went to rehab but left after a few weeks. Odom was also photographed buying Chore Boy scrubbing pads, which are a necessity when building a crack pipe. The basketball star had reportedly sobered up and was even seen training in Rhode Island for a return to the NBA but…it was actually a return to crack after a video surfaced of him allegedly high on crack cocaine, rapping about cheating on his wife. He has definitely fallen off the sobriety and supposedly was drunk, not high in the video.

celebrity drug storiesCraziest Celebrity Drug Stories: Cory Monteith’s death was a tragedy. The world was stunned when the Glee star was found dead in his Vancouver hotel room on July 13th. The Columbia Coroner’s Office confirmed that Monteith passed away due to a toxic mixture of heroin and alcohol. The actor had entered into a 30 day rehab for substance abuse issues last April after a decade of sobriety. His girlfriend and also Glee co-star Lea Michele told People magazine that she would “stand by him through this.” Monteith’s character on Glee, football player Finn Hudson, dies in the 3rd episode of the show’s 5th season.