3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Wait to Get Drug Treatment

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inspiration,photography,love,i,m,sad,black,and,white,teddy-b1743c65bf8f0214e7525e14f9f1d2a0_h_largeWe get it. Another blog about the importance of getting sober or going to treatment is crap. You have been to drug treatment before, and immediately relapsed after. So what’s the point?

If you are anything like me…. The desire to get high may be overwhelming and the thought of getting sober may sound not only miserable, but also scary. 

You may not even give a “you know what” (FB doesn’t let us curse) anymore.

This is your life. This is what you’re chained to. Might as well accept your fate.

but you can’t give up.

You know that it sucks stealing from your family. It sucks being the black sheep of the family. Your relationships are falling apart. You are incapable of achieving any goals. That is if you can come up with any goals outside of getting high.

You are getting tired of hearing your parents threaten to kick you out or ask you stop. You can’t stop. Don’t they get it? You may even think that if only they would leave you alone, if everyone would just leave you alone and let you get high in peace, all would be well. You know that you are a good person. So why? Why do you keep doing this? Maybe you can stop on your own? But probably not. You haven’t yet. Call us if you do. 

We, actually I, am here to tell you honestly, it is only going to get worse, you probably won’t be able to stop-it sucks, but is ok right now, or so you think.

1394208_622234074486659_859740472_nI have been where you are. (Seriously, that’s me to the right. The before is on the far right-after getting sober going to treatment etc. is the after. Figured I would show you all.) And as you continue down the road you are on, chasing the high that you felt that very first time, the drugs are going to start working less and less. They are going to stop covering up the guilt and the shame. They are going to stop covering up the feeling like you want to cry all the time. They are going to stop making that feeling in the morning go away; that feeling like you want to puke. Like the world is nauseating. No, more like your own being is nauseating. Look at what you have become.

The drugs? They are going to stop making your days happy. Eventually they are going to stop solving your problems.

I reached that point. I reached that point where the drugs just didn’t work. But I couldn’t stop doing the drugs. I was trapped in a world where I had to keep getting high even though it wasn’t working anymore, and sobriety was either impossible or the most dreaded word I had ever heard. There was a dark sickness inside of me. And all I wanted to do was cover it up, somehow. I didn’t want to be living the life I was, but getting high was the last hope I had. And even that was slowly becoming useless, that was slowly starting to stop working. I didn’t really know I had other options. That is, until I searched for them. 

This is 3 reasons you shouldn’t wait to get drug treatment:

1. If I could wave a magic wand and change your life for the better I would, god how I would. I wish that I could give every single person out there the happiness that I have found after a terrible addiction, and I wish I could do it with the snap of my fingers. But I can’t. You have to do it for yourself. You have to want to change your life. And if I could instill that want in you as well, I would. But I can’t do that either. All I can tell you is that it’s worth it. Please, believe me. It is so worth it. And this is the first reason you shouldn’t wait to get drug treatment: It’s worth it.

My life has changed for the better. I am a different person. I don’t wake up dreading life anymore. Drug treatment is the first step you can take to making that change in your own life. I can’t wave a magic wand. But I guarantee if you choose to go to drug treatment, you will be taking the first step in waving your own magic wand in your own life. If only you could see what I have seen, after what I have been through you wouldn’t hesitate. Right now you are giving yourself zero chance, at least give yourself that one percent chance by choosing to do something. 

hands2. The disease of addiction is a slippery little sucker and it has the trifecta of control over you. Which is why if you have even the slightest inclination to get help please for the love of the baby Jesus or whatever, reach out and get it! The disease of addiction has control not only of your body, but also your mind. You won’t be able to overcome it on your own. You won’t be able to out think it, and you won’t be able to control it.

It is like trying to fight with a more fit, invincible version of yourself-that can read your mind, and knows your every move before you make it. If you miss the opportunity when you want to get help, your disease will immediately come in to tell you NOT to do it. You will think it is you telling yourself that you don’t need it but it’s not. It is your disease. Your disease will do everything it can to make sure you keep getting high. And it will have you getting high until you have not only died, but also harmed everyone around you. It’s an ugly beast. Don’t wait to get help. It will come back and try to talk you out of, quite possibly the best decision of your life. Why? Because it is really good, at making getting high sound worth it. Getting high will always sound worth it. Always. That is, until you find another solution.

3. Sometimes misery is inevitable. But suffering? Suffering is always optional. I was living in misery before I got help. But the suffering my disease continued to put me through was optional. I had to decide to get help to stop the suffering. We don’t have control over our disease, but when the inclination to get help hits we have a choice. In those brief moments of withdraw, of desperation or those moments where we think to ourselves we just can’t do it anymore, we can decide to either get help or to run back to the drug.

This is the third and final reason not to wait to get help: You can stop your suffering, right now. Waiting to get drug treatment is just prolonging the suffering. Make the decision to tell someone, to ask for help, to call, to reach out, whatever. Don’t run back to the drug. Yet….unfortunately all of us have to go through what we have to go through before we are ready to get sober. But for some of us, death comes before the willingness to get help or the suffering just continues on for a long, long time. Those of us who have escaped it realize how blessed we are to have made it out, I know I do. 

For someone like me, I was blessed enough to become willing. And as soon as I started drug treatment, my suffering began to stop. I know that probably sounds like a load of bull but it really isn’t. If I could take you with me and show you I would.

While drug treatment doesn’t keep me sober today, I choose to stay sober through a relationship with a higher power, 12 steps, and a 12 step program, it began my journey into a wonderful, awesome life, that I really have no words to describe. Drug treatment introduced me to what I needed to stay sober and happy for the next, well, however long I am alive. It also gave me the ability to start a 12 step program, which has allowed me to no longer hurt the people around me and also to help other people. My sobriety is better than getting high, offers me peace, if it didn’t do you really think I wouldn’t just go shoot up some drugs. Why take the time to write this blog, if it really isn’t as good as I am trying my best to explain? I am an addict, getting high is my MO, if sobriety wasn’t better I wouldn’t be at this computer right now.

cddfa45416cdec26a7572250a0baea86And it’s kind of sad. Because a lot of people think its a load of crap. Or they think its propaganda. Or they just don’t want to admit it to themselves. So they miss out on getting help. They miss out on the life they were actually intended to lead. And its really sad to think about. By the grace of god, there go I, or something like that. 

Because all it takes is a simple phone call. It starts with the simple phrase, “I need help.” For those of us already living this life, we know.

And we aren’t trying to sell you on it or maybe we are, we kind of are to be honest. But in all reality, what we want is for you to know what we are talking about–to know there is another way. There is a way out. And you will see it when you’re ready– not when I try to hand it to you through words. BUT, if I can provide you with a little insight and little vision of what you can do to change and stop your suffering then I want to do that. I don’t have a magic wand, but I do have my story, I do have some hope to give. One day I hope to hear yours and I hope you’ll do the same. 

If you or someone you love needs drug treatment please don’t wait! It could be the most life altering decision they ever make. Even if you don’t want drug treatment or your loved one doesn’t, call us just to chat. We understand. Tell us your story even though it might NOT have a happy ending. Tell us about it if it does. It doesn’t matter. Just let us know! Whether you need help, want to chat, or have a story to tell, call us now, we can help if you let us!



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